Christmas Color at Claridge’s Hotel

Photo by Paola L on

Claridge’s Hotel, in the Mayfair section of London, has a colorful blue and silver Christmas tree this season. Fashion star, Belgian born Diane Von Furstenberg, created this year’s, The Tree of Love. It stems from the designer’s love of life and the way nature and astrology are key to the holiday season. The tree is decorated with 8,000 iridescent painted silver leaves, blue spheres and 180 glass blown hearts. A DVF logo is love is life. In addition, animals such as; a dove for peace, peacock for beauty, a horse for strength and a mouse for curiosity, hang down from branches. Glowing and creative, it is similar to Von Furstenberg’s style in the fashion world. Each year, the 1812 boutique hotel, asks a fashion designer to create a tree for the lobby. Past designers include; Karl Lagerfeld’s upside down Christmas tree and ones from Burberry, Dior and Lanvin. DVF calls Claridge’s her London home and she has decorated 20 of the hotel’s suites with her signature. The overhead ceiling is painted midnight blue with astrological signs , a creative designer and astrologer, consulted on the decor too. A wall area contains phrases about roots coming from the earth, branches extending to the sky and fruit blossoming. DVF says the tree is about enlightenment, wisdom, peace and growth for Christmas and the New Year. The symbolic tree gives shelter for lovers and a place for children to play. This holiday, if you are in London, drop by to see the tree and have some of their famous tea or a drink in the Fumoir  bar.


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