The DREW Barrymore Show: ET Star Comes Home

Drew Barrymore came to the silver screen in the movie: E.T. The film was a sensation. An adorable little girl starring in a movie with an extra terrestrial character, creating a world sensation which makes audiences laugh, cry and love. E.T. is fondly remembered, decades later. Drew Barrymore comes from a theatrical dynasty with great uncle and aunt; Lionel and Ethel Barrymore; starring in: It’s A Wonderful Life and, respectively, Ethel was named “the grande dame of theater”. Drew’s father was actor, John Barrymore Jr..She struck out on her own with Steven Spielberg and continued on a Hollywood journey from childhood to a grown woman. Drew has been in movies such as; the TV spin off of “Charlie’s Angels”, “Never Been Kissed” and “Fifty First Dates”, produced by her company: Flower Productions.
She plays a seductress in a 1990’s thriller: “Poison Ivy” and stars in other movies such as; “Donny Darko” and “Grey Gardens” with Jessica Lange. The star has grown up in front of the camera and our eyes. The little girl, Gertie, with pig tails, on her new TV talk show billboard, flashes into the current Drew, a beautiful woman. Barrymore has made many TV and magazine appearances, wrote an autobiography in 1989; Little Girl Lost. An autobiography which speaks volumes to the joys and sorrows in her life. In 2015, she came out with another memoir: Flowerchild which discusses her life, childhood, family and career. She has created music and has appeared in ads for Covergirl cosmetics. Barrymore won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award and was nominated for a BAFTA. Drew was married to Tom Green and then remarried, Will Kopelman, from whom she is now divorced. They are raising two daughters; Olive and Frankie.

Yet, Drew’s News, a segment on the show, makes her the host of The Drew Barrymore Show. The Drew Barrymore Show is a positive and interactive daytime talk show which brings a happy hour to daytime TV. She invites guests and interviews †hem about their lives and career while effusing a radiant personality. The show debuted at 10am on September 9, 2020, airing on CBS in NYC and can be seen around the country. Her first guests; Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz from the Charlie’s Angels movie. She has talked with Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, Charlize Theron and dressed a giraffe with a bow tie. This Monday’s upcoming episode is with Paris Hilton and Basque celebrity chef; José Andreas. Tune in for more exciting features with Drew and her guests for lively chats. The color yellow is used for the monogrammed show title and logo themes. The bright color tone adds a sunny mood, providing the perfect anecdote for stressful COVID mornings.

Paris Hilton: The New Simple Life

Everyone has an image of Paris Hilton; whether as pop culture and brand influencer, DJ, Hilton Hotel heiress, perfume and skincare entrepreneur, model, Hollywood blond, an infamous leaked sex tape by her then boyfriend or the from the parody TV show; The Simple Life. Now she has a YouTube show named Cooking With Paris. We will soon see another side of Ms. Hilton. The documentary, This is Paris, produced by Alexandra Dean, who developed Bombshell depicting actress, Hedy Lamarr. The release, this September 15th on YouTube. A sequel to Hilton’s 2008, Toronto International nominated film, Paris, not France. The trailer shows a montage of the celebutante with long platinum blond hair and designer sparkly outfits aka Barbie, Beverly Hills estate, family members, then the message: no one really knows the real Paris. People might think she came to instant fame with a paparazzi crowd, but the little girl who was growing up in California and NYC, says; she never really knew who she was. The real Paris undergoes a self revelation which has helped her therapeutically and explains life to family and viewers. During the 90-‘s, she promoted parties at nightclubs, The Sugar Factory and fashion/music/dance parties in places such as; LA, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Miami. She has a social media following of 11 million on Instagram. Her perfume of the moment, diamonds and the reality show; The Simple Life with Nicole Richie, show her image as an over the top fantasy. Her grandmother would call her the nickname, star, as a child, and compared her to Lana Tuner and Grace Kelly. The soft Marilyn Monroe like voice, changes into a mature tone and reveals layers of being the self whom she wishes to express. In a Sunday Morning CBS Interview, Paris talks about future plan, the past and misconceptions. A key issue, her teenage years at The Provo Canyon School in Utah, which focused on troubled teens. She speaks of the school as traumatic and abusive. Paris has never shared much of this with others, but the experience affected her physically and mentally. Much of her teen life with the trauma she endured and the “wilder” image, seems to stem from her younger life. The teenager had been living in the NYC Waldorf Astoria and like many teens, she had access to nightlife and did not tend to focus on school. Her parents sent her to a few wilderness camps and residential school, but she now reveals, the alleged verbal and physical abuse which occurred at this school. Other students who have attended, have spoken of similar incidents and Paris and some of the friends from school, meet to start a campaign; break the silence. They propose change and make billboards which portray the after effects of the abuse. Rick and Kathy Hilton, got caught in the process of trying to help her change partying ways and thought the school was going to break these habits. Paris says she was silenced from telling her family about the nightmare which was occurring. Nicky Hilton, her look alike younger sister, seems reserved and was not in the limelight, as frequently, back in the day. She is married to James Rothschild from the banking dynasty and have two daughters, Lily Grace and Thea. She has had past business ventures, but works on a shoe line collaboration with French Soles. Paris’s younger brothers; Conrad and Barron are now grown. Her mother’s sisters; Kim and Kylie are stars on The Housewives of Beverly Hills, even Zsa Zsa Gabor married into the Hilton family. Kathy Hilton and her sisters were child actresses too. Paris Hilton precedes reality TV star: Kim Kardashian West with nightclub appearances and reality TV. She could be dubbed a pioneer of self promotion and paved the way for social media. Paris Hilton’s net worth is about $300 million dollars which comes from an impressive line of skin care, makeup, pretty perfumes and a total of 19 lines which have earned 3 billion dollars in sales. The expression; “That’s Hot” has been replaced with “Sliving”, a combination of slaying and living. An Instagram picture of “sliving” is of someone enjoying themselves while appearing to display style. Paris Hilton has a serious boyfriend, Carter Reum. At almost 40, Hilton would like to settle down and have a family. Paris Hilton has come along way since her party years and will say; “Of course she knew Walmart does not sell walls”. The ditzy blond image was just that, an act. It is time to reflect as to what one sees at a venue or on TV, is not the full picture. Hilton speaks about Brittany Spear’s conservatorship and does not think some are being fair to the pop star and her children. Riches and the spotlight do not always add up to life on a deeper surface. The film shows happy childhood and family moments, her present career, but reveals dark and sad secrets. Nicky Hilton reveals trivia such as; she was the one trying on the heels as a child and Paris was more of a tom boy. Paris Hilton is multi dimensional and is prepared have a bright and sparkly future.

The Social Media and Fashion: The Couture Clock goes TikTok

TikTok, the social media channel, the spot for dance moves, music, and lifestyle videos .. has become the major channel for fashion. Due to COVID, the social media is the next best thing to being there. New York FW, London FW, Milan FW and Paris FW have had live-streamed shows and have been on YouTube, the past few years. This has been the target market for those who do not attend shows, but the insider’s glimpse has became more public. This year, everything is virtual. TikTok, although under the radar of China vs the US, is a tool which captures images well. TikTok sponsored the “Gucci Model Challenge” and this gives publicity to the brand as well as models, keeping Gucci fresh with 7.9 million views. Lachlan Watson from “The Adventures of Sabrina” played an audio promoting the Gucci scarf. Bethann Hardison, another contestant, will be featured in the Epilogue Collection 2020 show. All potential future young faces for Gucci. Fendi, Dior, Louis Vuitton, major luxury brands, as well as emerging designers, turn to social media until it is safer to go to the ateliers, studios and runways. Spring/Summer 2021 fashion weeks will use social media and live streaming. Most in person shows have been cancelled, but the Jason Wu collection at NYC’s Spring Place, presented a socially distanced performance with a theme from Tulum, Mexico. The CDFA has designed a platform called Runway360 to help present virtual fashion. A designer, last season, showed their designs on a 3-D avatar, a unique and effective way for the audience or consumer to see the designs dimensionally. The way the fashion industry advertises and debuts the new collections and upcoming trends will change, for awhile. Even though stores have opened, online shopping is the new normal and people flock to sites such as; Yoox, Net a Porter and Moda Operandi to purchase a selection of merchandise. Online shopping has been a great presence the last half year and will continue to grow, according to” Business of Fashion” and “Business Insider”. Culture, music, virtual museums tours and home delivery emails, fashion, movies, cooking, travel, the way we can appreciate culture, has turned marketing avenues.

K Beauty is More than Okay

K Beauty or Korean Beauty, the formal name, is a big trend in the skin care market. South Korea plays a large role in the skin care arena, in addition to cosmetics and hair care. Yet, skin care equals more revenue and K beauty sales have reached 17 billion dollars in South Korea, alone. Wow, this is more trending than K Pop and Korean barbecue. The major cities outside Asia, which have a Little Korea towns, capitalize on products and bring the merchandise and expertise to new demographics in the West. European and US research and development cosmetic companies are collaborating and investing in Korean skincare lines. Korean skin products are a piece of the culture. The focus is on health, well being, hydration, lack of pigmentation, a glass skin look, innovation, indie brands, skin education, video tutorials, influencers and manufacturing/exporting products. Etude House is a company which pioneered the Korean skincare trend. The 12 step cleansing routine begins at a young age with both oil based and water based cleansing before makeup and the skin care program is unisex. The K Pop culture of the future with models such as: Song Hye Kyo, is a K beauty model, actress and influencer. Everyone has tried a pack of sheet or bubble masks, decorated in cute packaging, targeted for all skin types. They refresh for the night and – or morning. Charlotte Chou and David Chou are of Korean heritage, but are LA born. They started a skin line, in 2012, Soko Glam. The company, # 1 in K Beauty, is a melange of products by various brands which help with cleansing, toning, essence, clarifying, redness, acne, wrinkles and dry skin. The work and their book; “The Little Book of Skincare”, got the pair a start. Some of the brands they sell; Son Réve, COSrx, Camille Rose, JAUM, Only (Good) Skin Days, Neogen, Saturday Skin, Nature Republic, Skinfood, Miisha, Joseon. Herbal products, JeJu green tea, red pine, ginseng, papaya, snails, avocados, bee serum and manuka honey, camu camu berry, amnio acids, patches, hyaluronic acids, beta and alpha acids and non toxic ingredients are common with K Beauty. KLOG is Soko Glam’s blog which discusses skin care tips, trends, new items and there is a skin concierge available for consultations. Amorepacific and subsidiary lines; Sulwhasoo are sold in high end venues, as well as innisfree, with its own stores. Innisfree sources all of its products from JeJu Island, a volcanic island off the Korean coast. The company recommends a double cleanse process with a specific skin type cleanser plus an oil based one to remove traces of impurities and makeup. Beneficial ingredients from the varying climates of the island are; dewy and glowing cherry blossom, soothing aloe vera, green tea seeds, tangerine skin, soybeans, volcanic ash and lava and salt waters. They have a sheet mask pack and makeup line as well. Search the innisfree website for company products, subscriptions and their mission. They try to provide healthy substances from nature which sooth and nourish, moisiturize, control oil, calm, repair and condition hair and skin. Plastic surgery rates in Korea are quite high, especially amongst those in the 19-29 age category. The most popular procedures; double eye lid surgery, since Koreans are born with no crease, and rhinoplasty. Plastic recycling is in as well, with the recycling of glass and plastics as well as sourcing sustainable ingredients. South Korean President, Moon Bae In, has banned job applications from requiring a photo and is trying to stop the influx of plastic surgery ads in the metro. A female got 15 surgeries and then took to her own devices, injecting herself with problematic substances. Regardless, K Beauty is on the rise and will yield great results.

T Gardens: The Japanese Hair Salon in The Big Apple

T Gardens is a hair and nail salon in Midtown East, New York City. The dark interior is similar to that of a sake or sushi spot, but it is definitely a salon, once one sees styling stations and hair care products. The Japanese/Asian stylists who work there are dedicated to their craft and try to make the hair care experience as convenient and relaxing as possible. My stylist, Min, originally born in South Korea and educated in Japan, made the trip worthwhile. She showed me style images on her cell phone, of styles and we discussed the nature of my hair length, layering, color and texture. The phone brought up images of looks and I chose a straighter, yet, blow dried wave with a trim. Asians have naturally straight hair and often choose a digital perm. Not all customers are of Asian descent, so they have experience with other hair types. My hair is wavy and I wanted a look that was easy to blow dry. Min spoke of her experiences in Japan and mentioned that many Asians get lighter brown, red tones, or blond highlights to accentuate their black hair tone. The hair salon business is competitive, especially in a cosmopolitan city such as NY, yet T Gardens strives to be on top of hair care trends. The new nail design area, by Tomoko, takes care of nail care and focuses on design with patterns, gel and decals.