Miléo Elixir Oil; Skin Luxury

Miléo Elixir Oud is an upscale serum which is colorful, organic and pampers the skin with botanicals, flowers, oud and bakuchiol. The NY brand, cultivated by Matthew Miléo, is a treat for improving face and neck skin’s elasticity, firmness, glow and aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a serum and a cream which is applied during the morning and or night, in circular motions, after cleansing and toning. Research has shown the percentage of improvement with each of the 6 elixirs. One can purchase a set of smaller bottles to try out and then choose your favorite potion to stay with as part of your ritual beautifying routine.

Miléo is pamper and gift ready. Allure Magazine’s Beauty Edition Pick’s named the product line, “the most luxurious we have encountered”. Labyrinthe Vert which is named after The Gardens of Versailles, thus the name Green Labyrinth. A vivid emerald colored serum which refines skin’s texture and normalizes pore texture. It contains oud wood, bakuchiol and French violet leaf and after 3 weeks use, one should see a 40 % change in skin smoothness and pore size. Maroc D’Azur is the Moroccan Blue of the Azures and contains; Moroccan blue tansy, oud and bakuchiol. It drenches the skin with moisture and helps with drier skin and fine lines. Monte D’Oro, Mountain of Gold, is a serum colored with a golden glow. Derived from Corsican flowers and oud as well as botanicals rich with healthy skin ingredients. This serum improves skin radiance and restores skin cells for a healthier tone. Amber Fort is strong and the color is an amber yellow like the name. It helps to brighten and add a radiant glow with a few drops each day. La Rose De Joell, a pink rose color serum helps with redness, inflammation and protects the skin from pollution and free radicals. Collognes De Rouge is a red named after the red stones in a French province. It is the serum known for collagen and helps with firmness and elasticity.

Miléo is made of 100 % botanicals, organic, petrochemical free, PETA tested and is GC/MS (gas chromoagraphy/mass specific. The flowers such as; Thai Frangipani and Chinese Osmanthus are sent to Grasse, France to be treated as chemical free. They are handpicked, cultivated and processed. They are sent in a metal suitcase to prevent petal bruising. The product line uses ethically sourced ingredients, wild farming and prides itself in sustainable sourcing. The packaging and bottling is recyclable with a wood pulp cap. The East Indian wood is now retrieved from the sap and the small amount of plastic used is often used again in other products or disposed of responsibly. Oud the main aspect of the elixir is often found in perfumes and has long been known as a regal substance used by kings and queens. It is a wood which comes from South East Asian agarwood trees. Oud is an anti inflammatory and has regenerative properties. Miléo is meant to enhance the skin after bath time and has skin benefits, but it feels good and is aromatic. It might change its color or fragrance because it is natural, but it has a shelf life of three years, as long as it is stored away from the sunlight. Indulge your senses with this colorful, multi cultural, beneficial and playful skin luxury. Household fashion and beauty magazines and websites endorse this product, a brainchild of a NY entrepreneur. Bustle says; “it is almost to pretty to use”. It is sold online, in high end boutiques and department stores, prices range from $70 for small bottles to $300 for the larger bottles, soak these magical serums into your skin.



Alzerina Gomes: Lights Up Crystal Jewelry

Alzerina Gomes is a jewelry and fashion entrepreneur. Gomes was born on the island of San Antao, Cabo Verde or Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a paradise, located off the coast of Africa in the central Atlantic Ocean. Alzerina Gomes is creative and has a flair for jewelry design. She began her entrepreneurial debut, in Paris, as a model in the city of lights. Alzerina worked with the The Swarovski Company which is known for its Austrian crystal and jewelry. After her journey in Paris, she settled in NYC to raise her family and begin her own business. A lot of work goes into being a small business owner in a big city such as; NYC. Her jewelry collection ranges from casual earrings, bracelets, rings and layered necklaces to more formal colored crystal drop earrings and statement pieces. The colored crystals add a glow to an outfit or mood. The Alzi Collection is causal and reflects a trend to every day bangles and accessories. She recently started a men’s line and there is a bridal line as well. The luxury collections; The City and The Signature Collections, have been worn by Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, actress, Sharon Stone, who wore a white crystal choker and Olivia Wilde. AG mixes metals; silver and gold with colorful Swarovski crystals and her style becomes apparent. The Cabo Verde Collection is handcrafted jewelry made with good luck beads which ward off the evil eye, providing positive energy, otherwise known as Conta di Ojo. Alzerina Gomes teaches jewelry making classes and hosts jewelry making parties. The company helps support education in Cape Verde, especially targeted to young girls from Cape Verde. In the fall of 2019, Gomes headed a fundraiser to support those affected by Cyclone Idai. The cyclone caused serious damage to Cape Verde, Mozambique and surrounding areas. Alzerina Gomes Jewelry and supporters of the Cape Verdean and Mozambican communities, gathered together, raising funds for people affected by this devastating cyclone. The fundraising gala’s theme was named: “Beira No Coraçao” which means “Beira ( a major city in Cape Verde) in our hearts”. Musicians from Cape Verdean and Mozambican heritage played Cape Verdean music and traditional food was served at a venue in Rhode Island. The Alzerina Gomes line can be bought in NYC or online at: AlzerinaGomesJewelry. com.

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Inside Asprey; Luxury by Royal Appointment

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“Inside Asprey: Luxury by Royal Appointment” is a docuseries which looks at London, England’s prominent 167 New Bond Street boutique designed by Lord Norman Foster. The setting is comprised of eight Georgian townhouses combining old world architecture and fashion. Asprey’s was founded by William Asprey in 1871 and, in the beginning, saw the patronage of Queen Victoria. Royals; Edward VII, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Sarah Ferguson and the majority of The Windsors have come here to shop. Sir Elton John and members of the House of Lords have frequented Asprey too, giving the house a long lineage. Yet, in current times, Hollywood and foreigners from the House of Saud and Qatar are frequent shoppers. Asprey received a Royal Warrant in 1886 from Queen Victoria and later, one from King Edward VII, Prince of Wales. Upon entering, one sees displays such as; a silver gorilla safe, a round champagne holder, silver decanters with antler heads and one of a kind crocodile bags encrusted with diamonds. Jewelry, handbags, home decor, embellished crystal and china seem straight out of Town and Country or Architectural Digest. Asprey was once a store which sold crowns and sceptres to the royal family. Watches by Asprey and Rolex are a main specialty as well as clocks. The store had a Regulator Clock in the window so the gentleman passing by could adjust their watches. The boutique recently recreated Queen Elizabeth’s diadem worn at her 1953 coronation, using 1000 white diamonds. Asprey’s goods have been a focus in movies such as; “Titanic”, “Match Point” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.

The documentary takes cameras, for the first time, on a store tour which is filled with an air of British aristocracy and finery, but it has modernity, with a black and white spiral staircase as a centerpiece. The viewer can see smiths who have spent their whole life creating jewelry, silverware and decorative merchandise for the discerning customer, private shopping sprees, events and shop talk from the manager, pr, sales and crafts people who know the secrets behind this prestigious shopping landmark. Outside, the picturesque street, its neighbors are; Louis Vuitton and Chanel. A Saudi princess, once the store has closed, buys 12 custom designed handbags, priced at 300,000 pounds and has them sent home by jet. Asprey is known for its alligator and lizard 1871 Pochette bags as well as the polo style bag. Polo sporting goods have been a staple of the store and are incorporated into fashion. A new shopper from Texas, clad in denim, comes in and buys unique silver owl salt and pepper shakers. Silver has been used for platters to sporting trophies. The marketing is discreet, yet, one gets an inside view as to what it takes to maintain the store’s caliber. Whether one is a long time shopper or a new visitor, each visit evokes an image of a future British socialite wearing an Asprey jewel collection, an elegantly dressed man going to Ascot or an estate in Yorkshire filled with their home decor. It takes effort to maintain the stores one of a kind inventory and exclusive upscale brand, much of the items are made on site. The jewelry, leather, silver and gold craft maker is shown cutting platinum and stringing blue and green gem stones for a necklace and earrings named “Chaos”, due to the free floating design. The Asprey diamond is known as the Asprey Cut which is handmade and flawless. They are the only company to have a letter A diamond above the crown symbol. Much of the jewelry is known for floral patterns, after English garden blossoms, designed as sunflowers and woodland flora. A rare fancy yellow diamond ring is brought out for show. There is a barrier between the have and have nots, old money and nouveau riche, but it is available to niche markets at the traditional Asprey. The intricate silverware, museum collection, gold gift boxes made with mercury are still part of the inventory, but a custom made haute couture ring, retailing at 4.6 million pounds, is a current seller. One can buy a less costly piece of heritage with a purchase of Purple Water Perfume, Purple Cream or Purple Bath Gel. Asprey uses purple as a signature color for branding and is recognized for their purple flag logo, the color symbolizes royalty. Asprey stores in: NYC on Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills in the Beverly Hills Hotel, South Beach, Miami in The Setai Hotel, Zurich, St. Moritz, Osaka in Takashimaya and Tokyo in The Ritz Carlton, grace the brand’s symbolic purple lettering and finery, but the English boutique is the original. The store can be reminiscent of scenes from Downton Abbey, Ralph Lauren’s take on the British or a twist on contemporary London shopping, but standards and old world traditions are upheld.

Uoma Beauty: From Nigeria to London: Universal Dialogue

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In the time of #BlackLivesMatter: the senseless killings of: George Floyd, Breonna Lewis and Ahmaud Arbery, bring new meaning to race and social injustice. A cosmetics company started by Nigerian born entrepreneur, Sharon Chuter, brings a new perspective to racial understanding. Sharon Chuter was born in Nigeria and moved to London, working as an executive for LVMH and is founder of Uoma Beauty. Uoma (pronounced Oh Ma) is the Nigerian word for beautiful in Igbo. Uomo is profiled by Allure Magazine which highlights an entrepreneur who is making strides in cosmetics, but cares about dialogue and fostering understanding concerning race and racism. Yesterday, the social media had Blackout Tuesday, users put up a black square, in which people stood in solidarity for the black community and against the killing of George Floyd. #TheShowMustBePaused was targeted to music sites; Apple, Spotify and YouTube, which went silent.

Chuter says; “There are many lines such as; Fenty Effect, which address a multitude of skin shades, but she wants to take it a step further and enhance communication between women and people from all races to foster more equality. Coming from Nigeria, she knows of the obstacles and injustices which have occurred in her homeland as well as throughout Africa. The Uoma line has a foundation named, Say What which comes in 51 shades, but Chuter empathizes the unique and authentic self. This is in response to ones inner and outer beauty. The line uses the Fitzpatrick Scale which measures skin’s reaction to the sun. The scale identifies 6 skin groups which have similar characteristics and skincare needs. Skin Kin comes in shades from cool to warm; White Pearl, Fair Lady, Honey, Honey, Bronze Venus, Brown Sugar and Black Pearl. Uoma Beauty wants to know what a woman likes and wants more of in her daily life and how her outer appearance can fulfill needs in other areas. Fair skin tends to get red easily and is hypersensitive so Uoma uses microalgae. Rose Hybrid which reduces sebum production and induces elastin production are ingredients for those who would pick the Honey Honey shade. Brown Sugar and Black Pearl users tend to have a dullness and the line contains tomato as a brightening agent. For lips, metallic shades in Black Magic Impact and matte lipsticks are Bad A…. The packaging is bold, shiny, innovative and modern with moderate pricing. The Skin Woke concealer comes in 18 shades, a liquid eyeliner with a name such as; Cleopatra and Boss Gloss monikers; Diana Ross and Maya Angelou. These black females are a legendary singer/performer and the other, a world renowned author and activist. Bahia and Trinidad are lipstick names and are places reminiscent of shades which have a natural warm hue, kissed by the sun on a tropical beach. The line has versatile eye shadow palettes and a range of contour and highlighter sticks in shades such as; Barbados. The products are cruelty free.

Uoma Beauty favors fashion photographer, Nadine Ijwere, who has taken shots with model, Nyakim Gatwech and Allure covergirl, Halima Adem. Adem is from Somalia, but escaped to a refugee camp in Kenya. She is represented by IMG Models and won Miss Minnesota where she was the first contestant to wear a hijab. She has been in Sports Illustrated as well as being a major runway icon. Gatwech has been dubbed; “The Queen of Darkness” and hails from Southern Sudan. Chuter believes beauty comes in every color and is part of the movement to encourage change for inclusion and to eradicate injustices. Uoma’s main message is that all are welcome to this beautiful tribe. Uoma would welcome a donation to #blcklivesmatter and #humanrightsmatter because no one should feel left out. Other organizations; The George Floyd Memorial Fund, Reclaim the Block, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Black Visions Collective and the NAACP are foundations which support the Black American community.