“Spritzing to Success”with Bond NO. 9 Perfume

Bond NO. 9 Perfume has a cross promotional event with Annette Greene, the author of “Spritzing to Success”. Greene is a fragrance historian who has rebranded and preserved an international fragrance foundation as well as written books about the perfume industry. It takes a certain knowledge of ingredients, marketing, packaging and advertising in order to develop a successful perfume and marketing campaign. Bond NO. 9 will be holding a cocktail and holiday shopping event at the flagship store, 9 Bond Street in Soho, NYC, on Thursday, December, 6, 2018. One can browse Bond NO. 9’s Holiday Collection as well as purchase a signed copy of the book which helps to support The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and The Annette Greene Perfume Museum. The founder and CEO of Bond NO. 9, Laurice Rahme, is known for a brand which captures the market using NYC neighborhoods as a theme for their iconic bottles, designed with imagery of the areas. The blends of fruity, spicy and earthy unisex notes, match the hood. They have partnered with an “I love NY” campaign too. Some of the brand’s names are; Chinatown, The High Line, Wall Street, Coney Island and Madison Avenue. They have special limited edition bottles with Swarovski crystals, an Andy Warhol Collection and a set with Arabic detail which represents Dubai and candles. Rahme began her career in France with Annick Goutal and then worked for L’oreal and Creed as well. She began Bond in 2003 and it has been a growing perfume company ever since it hit the marketplace. Come celebrate the season with a sensory experience of culture, fragrance, food and reading. 


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