Rockin the Kasbah, Hoodie’s Co. Kabal

person wearing black zip hoodie sitting in front of gray wooden plank wall during nighttime
Photo by Pixabay on

Hoodie’s Company, an Israeli business which makes

hooded sweatshirts and casual wear, is showing a

controversial and politically charged campaign. Israeli

model, Bar Rafaeli, is shown wearing a niqab and hijab as

she proceeds to remove the hijab and dance seductively,

she reveals jeans and a hoodie sweatshirt. The tagline

is; “Freedom is Basic” and “Is Iran Here?”. The ad got

views on Instagram and Youtube. It was on the Sunday page

of an Israeli newspaper and has been slated to be a TV ad.

The company is partially owned by Bar Rafaeli and the

message is to promote freedom of religion and to say

the Sharia dress code does not promote this philosophy.

Future ads for the Hoodie Company are supposed to

feature a transgender actress, a Hassidic TV presenter and

an Ethiopian Israeli model. As to the cultural interpretation,

one might have a variety of perspectives. Is it tastefully

seductive, does it sell the product, is it culturally insensitive

and does it present an acceptable message for the clothing’s

cultural id. It’s up in the air, but it could be the bluntness

and controversial play which either sells the product or

damages corporate reputation. It has a little negative

feedback and has been removed from some social media sites.


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