Kiehl’s for a Cause and not Santa Claus

20181218_161013.jpgadorable caucasian celebration child

Photo by Pixabay on

Kiehl’s 1851 cosmetics is coming out with its’ Christmas/

Holiday 2018 collection. The all American line of skincare

creams, masks, moisturizers and serums has partnered

this season with American pop artist, Andrew Banneker.

Banneker is known for his colorful designs, paint dripping,

characters and landscapes. His work is similar to Keith

Haring, but he has his own style. This year he lent his

skills to grace the boxes and packaging of Kiehl’s.

Merry Maker Masks, Kiss Me Kiehl’s, and Collection for

a Cause are part of the line which will go to benefit Feeding

America. Up to $100,000 of Kiehl’s sales will go to food

pantries, soup kitchens and food banks which help feed

Americans. They need meals because they cannot afford

groceries and adequate nutrition. 5.2 million meals have

been served and about 40 million families per year go

hungry. This season look to moisturize and condition skin

with brightly decorated boxes of stars, Christmas bulbs

and gumdrops by Banneker in partnership with Kiehl’s.

Banneker has also paired with companies such as; Tiffany’s,

Crate and Barrel, Apple, Nike and Tory Burch and

paints city graffiti.


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