Colorama: Clicquot Champagne


Veuve Clicquot Champagne has their yellow brut and

rose collections packaged in a paint tube design. The

Colorama or “Gouache” line celebrates the 200th

anniversary of the bubbly by combining the yellow

and rose labels in a way that reflects the taste and

color of the beverage. The yellow label has a white

fruity grape note followed by vanilla and brioche. It

is the same as a bottle, but instead is in a 75 cl tube

which is warm for 2 hrs.. It retails for $65.00. The rose has

a sweet essence with the pretty pink label. Madame Clicquot

ran the brand when her husband passed away and made it

a household name outside of Reims, France. The Maison

was bought by Moet and Chandon and is now part of

the parent company, fashion and design conglomerate

LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey). The Clicquot brand

wants to focus on taste, design and the aesthetic of color.

The Colorama products carry a bottle that comes in a

beautiful birthday cake box design, reminiscent of confetti

and balloons drowned in pink, white and yellow. Another

Colorama design is the yellow label bottle with a design

of a pencil in creative packaging. The pencil is a magnet

which one can write a message on and it makes a great gift

box. Veuve Clicqout is a major sponsor of the Polo Classic

which is held in NYC and Los Angeles. The V.C. merchandise

consists of; yellow logo blankets, tents, towels, umbrellas,

and champagne buckets as well as a the champagne itself.

Celebrity polo player, Nacho Figueras, the face of Ralph

Lauren’s Polo Cologne, is often playing at the matches.

Fashion, design and color are a piece of the Veuve Clicquot

brand which was founded as far back as 1772.





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