The Grande Dame of Polka Dots

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese painter, illustrator, sculptor, poet and film maker. A power house of pop art and modernism. Kusama has been referred to as the princess of polka dots because her pieces center around bright colored or white dots on objects such as; flowers, animals, pumpkins and symbolic objects. Kusama’s work has been shown around the world at various galleries and museums. Yayoi has a museum of her works ,in her native country of Japan. At 92, she has been working on art which illustrates themes about life, love, peace, sexuality, infinity and light. The infinity room exhibit started in DC and travelled across the US and world. Her vision is distinct, she began in her homeland and moved to NYC, after the war. Kusama has been influenced by Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko. There is an exhibit of her sculptures at the NY Botanical Gardens. Kusama has been in the design world, her work on the front of a Manhattan condo and Louis Vuitton merchandise. Yayoi Kusama’s latest collaboration is with Veuve Cliquot Grande Dame Champagne 2012. The packaging is the signature Cliquot yellow orange with Kusama’s polka dot graphics and flower painted gift boxes. The series is named Flowers Bloom at Midnight and a magnum retails for $195. There is a special collection for $30,000. Either way, the warmer weather will bring more people drinking Clicqout and going to events such as: the LA and NY Veuve Clicqout polo matches. Madame Clicqout was born into an aristocratic French family and Yayoi Kusma was born into an affluent Japanese family. They are females who lead business in an era when things were male dominated. Kusama champagne gift sets are online or at a nearby alcohol store.



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