Fragrance Notes with Jusbox Perfume

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitu0101ns on

Jusbox Perfume, a neon color fragrance collection with catchy names from music genres, is a hit at Bloomingdales and in Beverly Hills this season. The pop up shop on 59th Street and in Soho is created by two Florentine based perfumers, Andrea and Chaira Valdo or better known as The V Monkeys. It is sold in Italy, Spain, England, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as some Baltic countries. There is a collaboration between music and perfume’s emotions, sensations and memories. If one goes onto the Jusbox Perfume website, one can see the bottles and fragrance notes, but the twist is they have a description of the perfumes and the genre or musician it is named after. You can read about scent descriptions and correlate them with the performer. The site plays clips of songs which Jusbox has chosen for each bottle and extended play can be found on Spotify. Take a quiz about music preferences and listening devices and the site will recommend a fragrance choice. The bottle is cleverly designed with a bright colored fragrance and a top resembling a black record with a matching colored label. Some of the popular fragrances are; Beat Cafe dedicated to Bob Dylan and the era of beatnik poetry and music, 14 Hour Dream, named after the 14 hour technicolor London Music Festival in 1967, No Rules, a tribute to the 60’s wild child era and Feather Supreme, named for Aretha Franklin’s purple female power and respect album during the civil rights era. Another scent, Green Bubble, is in reference to reggae and Use Abuse is named for Freddie Mercury. The record albums are displayed at the counter too. Jusbox and the V Monkeys worked with, Universal Music Studios in England, in order to combine musical recordings, history and fragrance. Tune in, for further information about this sexy music compilation of perfume. 


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