In Living Coral: The Pantone Color for 2019

Photo by Tom Fisk on

The color is living coral. Each December, the Pantone Institute picks a color of  the year which will be used for product development and in marketing, textiles, packaging and design. The color will be seen in advertising and on runways throughout 2019. The color will be used in industry sectors such as; interior design and architecture, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, travel, sports and tourism or any business which chooses to use coral as their go to color for branding.  Color is a strong element in the surrounding world and is seen in the earth, solar system, sea, sunsets, deserts and many aspects of nature. Many use color theory and it reflects and changes emotions and mood or is the zeitgeist of the time and its’ symbols. The Pantone Institute picked coral, or “living coral”, this year, since it is a warm hue which provides an aura of nourishment, life affirmation, optimism and connectivity. Connectivity is needed in this hectic time of cell phones, technology and social media. A few of Pantone’s past color choices have been; ultra violet, greenery, chili pepper and honeysuckle. The company provides business assistance, textile, software, fashion trend forecasting, color consulting and organizes events for professionals in fields from graphic design to merchandising. One can shop on their website for color and fabric swatches and gather information. Pantone is currently collaborating with The Trilogy Hotel Collection and The Pantone Pantry. The coral color is pictured at the Royal Palm Hotel in South Beach, Miami. The fascination with coral, an underwater life structure for which the color is named, is often associated with fish and their habitats,  tropical destinations, beach life and water sports. Panonte’s official beauty partner is BUTTER, the nail polish company, that has created three shades of coral for the year.  Coral jewelry, lipstick and nail polish are fashion favorites for those that opt for a look that conjures up memories of a trip to the beach and ocean.


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