Palais Bulles _ The Bubble Palace

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The Palais Bulles or Palace of Bubbles, located in Theoule Sur Mer

on the French Riviera close to Cannes, is a hotel and photo shoot

location. The Palais was designed by Hungarian architect, Antti

Lovag. The peachy pink colored structure is made up of 

bubble like pods with portals as it looks out on the mountains

and down to the Mediterranean Sea. The Cote d’ Azure is a 

stunning location for this hotel, event venue and picture 

perfect designation. There is an amphitheater, pool area

event room, ten guest rooms and acres of land. The price

per night is 730 Euro or $1, 129 U.S. dollars and to rent it for

the day is approximately 8,759 Euro or $ 4,955 U.S. dollars. 

It used to be the home of Pierre Cardin, who was Christian

Dior’s tailor, during the 1940’s. The 2016 Dior resort collection

was held at The Palais Bulles when Raf Simons was the designer 

for Dior. There are no right angles in the building and Lovag

states this is “the aggression against nature”, it is mostly curved  

with protruding bubbles and circular glass windows. An amazing 

design piece for fashion, fun and decor. 


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