Mexican Standoff with Dior

Photo by Gonzalo Facello on

The new Dior Resort Wear campaign with Jennifer Lawrence wearing a long 

ruffled skirt with”Mexican style”  apparel was filmed at a California ranch.

The actress was happy to be filmed for this campaign conceived by Dior 

Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, but some people disagree with the

cultural presentation, especially comedian Phoebe Robinson. Robinson

does not think this is cultural appreciation and the design company 

should have used an actress of Mexican heritage such as ; Selena 

Gomez or Selma Hayek. The campaign shows an, escaramuza,

translated as a horse woman and tries to capture a scene from

the book; “The House of the Spirits” by author Isabelle Allende. 

The backlash is, Jennifer Lawrence, is Caucasian and is boxed in as

a white female in Hollywood. Some disagree and view the campaign as 

a way to show the clothes and appreciate Mexican heritage created by 

the House of Dior. 



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