Shu Uemura X Masion du Chocolat : makeup never tasted this good


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Shu Uemura X Maison du Chocolat:

Mixture of makeup and Chocolate

 Shu Uemura, the renowned Japanese skincare and makeup

 company, has joined forces with the French chocolate company

 The cosmetics team was searching for a way to set the 2018

 holiday season off to a delicious sensory start in taste, fragrance

 and touch. La Maison du Chocolat, founded in Nanterre, France

 is a high end brand of boxed chocolates, truffles, chocolate

 fruit and nuts as well as food and drink gift baskets. Shu Uemura

 is offering makeup which includes; eye palettes, lipsticks,

 shimmer powder, application brush set, cleansing oil, lip liners,

 and eyelash curler in a box in LMDC brown packaging with a

 criss cross design. The tagline for the campaign is; a match made

 in heaven. The Artistic Director for Shu Uemura , Kaysuka Uiiche,

 and head chocolatier, Nicholas Cloiseau, met to develop a

 business plan for the packaging, texture, scent, theme and

 image for the new beauty line. There are ten lipsticks in matte

 and cream which are scented and colored in shades with

 names such as deep cranberry and ripe cherry. The eye

 palettes come in hues of cacao, praline and ganache as well as

 pink, from rose to passion fruit. The shimmery powder is a

 gold dust or pink gold dust which highlights a Christmas glow

 and resembles truffles. The eyelash curler is in brown packaging

 with a key chain piece resembling a chocolate square. The two

 teams picked pick the Novel Chocolate Collection. Flavors are

 from Brazil, Ghana and Grenada. The Brazilian flavor is a yellow

 passion fruit showing a girly look, Ghana has a a black stripe

 for evening and the Grenada chocolate is brown and spicy. The

 entire gift box retails for $500.00 dollars. The concept revolves

 around aesthetics and flavor, but a goal is to make

 consumers aware of sight, smell, touch and taste. In addition

 to having a pretty face, one will benefit from not gaining a pound.


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          A Sea of Shopping

        in the San Diego Seaport

The Fashion Valley Shopping Mall located in the Mission Valley

area of downtown San Diego offers department stores such as;

Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman

Marcus. They also have boutiques to frequent like; Hermes,

Tiffany’s and Salvatore Ferragamo. It is a tiered mall which is

designed outdoors and has an interior architectural aspect too.

It’s  a California atmosphere and the sun radiates among a water

sculpture.There are restaurants and a food court. If work or the

beach, gets you down, one can drive over to this slice of shopping

for a stretch of urban landscape.


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              Milan Meets NYC with

              Debut of 10 Corso Como


10 Corso Como, a high end boutique from Milan has

opened this fall season at The Fulton Market at the South

Street Seaport. A shipping port turned shopping district

disheveled by Storm Sandy, the area has begun a makeover

from the Howard Hughes Co.. It is a unique blend of designers

such as Missoni, Gucci and Prada. with glass blown flowers,

ceramics plus gallery items. The store has chairs placed around

the store so shoppers can pause and absorb the atmosphere.

The first store opened in 1991, thanks to founder Carla

Sozanni, an alta moda fashionista and editor of “Elle Italia”

and “Vogue Italia”. The Milanese store opened in the Porta

Nuevo neighborhood and the market expanded in Seoul,

Beijing, Tokyo and Shanghai. The NYC store is the first to open

doors in the U.S., There are circle logos, a photo exhibit by Helmut

Newton, 10 Corso Como paraphernalia and fashion books lending

to the whimsical design. Both Milan and NYC are centers for

fashion week with their runway collections. The Sarah Jessica

Parker Store will keep the sassy image of “Sex and the City”

alive since she went into business with the owner of Manolo

Blahnik. There is a Seaport Food Test Lab and another Italian

store, Roberto Cavalli. If retail is not in the picture, there is

the I Pic Movie theater. The Mr. C Seaport Hotel, owned by the

next generation of the Cipriani family, is a new spot for a Bellini

and pasta dish. Grazie mille.































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