Tiaras and The Vienna Ball

There are 500 balls during the Vienna Season with waltzes, couture, classical music, formality and debutante party scene. This year, Donatella Versace and Swarovski Crystal, are collaborating to create a tiara for the February 28 th, 2018 State Opera Ball, the biggest of the season. The tiara is an elegant design of blue, white and gold crystals which are the theme of Wagner’s opera, The Ring of The Nieblung. It is based on a Greek mythological tale ¬†where Rhinemaidens are riding blue crystal waters in order to protect the gold center. Many think ball tradition is outdated , but it continues every year as a center of Austrian culture. Swarovski ,an Austrian crystal company, and the ball choose a different designer each season to create the fairytale look for a princess.¬†