Monica Vinader: Jewelry with Symbolism and Exotic Travels

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Monica Vinader is a jewelry brand creating a sensation in capital cities around the world. Monica Vinader, started her jewelry business in 2002 with headquarters in London and a factory in Norwalk, England. She was born in San Sebastian, Spain and has used her travels and business experience to create a unique line of earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. The line uses sterling silver and gold vermeil as well as colorful semi precious stones; quartz, moonstone, onyx and agate. The colors represent birthstones and characteristics such as; loyalty and love. The lines have names such as; The Riva, which has wavy lines and stones symbolic of the Riviera with water images. The Nura Collection uses pave diamonds and gold/silver with small circles, symbolic of pebbles she has collected from Mallorca and coral reef designs. The Havana, Alphabet, The Fiji and Siren Coins are other looks Vinader carries. There is a current collaboration with Caroline Issa; Monica Vinader X Caroline Issa . This will be featured with an appearance at the new NYC Nordstrom as well as a meeting with the Museum of Arts and Design. Caroline Issa is a British style icon with Iranian and Iraqi heritage. She organizes London Fashion Week and established Trunk Magazine. One can find Vinader boutiques in places such as; Soho, NY, Madison Avenue, Canary Wharf in London and Hong Kong. Nordstrom’s in California and NY also carry selections. Customers can choose charms and stones to attach to a variety of link bracelets and necklaces. The bohemian chic and modern design highlight the brand’s positioning. There is a popular friendship bracelet collection and personal engraving. Vinader started the business while living in Patagonia and Mexico with her husband while running a fishing business. Her background and training in jewelry design was completed in England. Some proceeds from Vinader’s collection go to Women to Women International, a non profit charity. Monica Vinader is an up and coming fashionista and her jewelry is reasonably priced yet stylish. Fashion icon, Kate Middleton favors the green onyx earrings and Bella Hadid wears the collection as well. In a market saturated with high end couture pieces, vintage and fashion designers, Vinader’s line is an excellent choice for the “modern woman” who can purchase her own jewelry. Monica Vinader’s travels give the jewelry line a competitive edge, plus there is a five year warrantee if pieces are in need of repair.