Instant Wonder Stores: Marvel at Swarovski’s Colorful Designs

Swarovski Jewelry and crystal has designed and rebranded with the Instant Wonder stores. The genius behind the creative direction is Giovanna Batagglia Englebert, an Italian powerhouse of fashion for Swarovski, in modeling and editorial work. They will open 28 Instant Wonder Stores. The first, in Milan at the Vittoria Emanuele Galleria, Paris’s Champs Elyseé, Rockefeller Center and Broadway in Soho, NYC. Recent openings in Mexico City, São Paulo and Singapore. The concept is a celebration of nature merged with the “instant wonder” of color and bold, monochromatic, ombre and a waterfall of colored gems. It is collection number 1 which represents harmony, light and intrigue. Instant Wonder shows jewels, watches, drop earrings, bolder cocktail rings, geometric and bright colored rings, necklaces and figurines which are cased in hexagonal shelves of pink, green and yellow. Metallic figurines, in matching colors, are used to demonstrate this new age of the merchandise. Swarovski is a family company, founded in Wattens, Austria, in the late 1800’s. There is the iconic swan logo, classic collection, accessories, themes from movies such as; Star Wars and Wonder Woman and atelier pieces. Wonder about Instant Wonder, new Swarovski branding, welcoming in the digital and post pandemic era.


Alzerina Gomes: Lights Up Crystal Jewelry

Alzerina Gomes is a jewelry and fashion entrepreneur. Gomes was born on the island of San Antao, Cabo Verde or Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a paradise, located off the coast of Africa in the central Atlantic Ocean. Alzerina Gomes is creative and has a flair for jewelry design. She began her entrepreneurial debut, in Paris, as a model in the city of lights. Alzerina worked with the The Swarovski Company which is known for its Austrian crystal and jewelry. After her journey in Paris, she settled in NYC to raise her family and begin her own business. A lot of work goes into being a small business owner in a big city such as; NYC. Her jewelry collection ranges from casual earrings, bracelets, rings and layered necklaces to more formal colored crystal drop earrings and statement pieces. The colored crystals add a glow to an outfit or mood. The Alzi Collection is causal and reflects a trend to every day bangles and accessories. She recently started a men’s line and there is a bridal line as well. The luxury collections; The City and The Signature Collections, have been worn by Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, actress, Sharon Stone, who wore a white crystal choker and Olivia Wilde. AG mixes metals; silver and gold with colorful Swarovski crystals and her style becomes apparent. The Cabo Verde Collection is handcrafted jewelry made with good luck beads which ward off the evil eye, providing positive energy, otherwise known as Conta di Ojo. Alzerina Gomes teaches jewelry making classes and hosts jewelry making parties. The company helps support education in Cape Verde, especially targeted to young girls from Cape Verde. In the fall of 2019, Gomes headed a fundraiser to support those affected by Cyclone Idai. The cyclone caused serious damage to Cape Verde, Mozambique and surrounding areas. Alzerina Gomes Jewelry and supporters of the Cape Verdean and Mozambican communities, gathered together, raising funds for people affected by this devastating cyclone. The fundraising gala’s theme was named: “Beira No Coraçao” which means “Beira ( a major city in Cape Verde) in our hearts”. Musicians from Cape Verdean and Mozambican heritage played Cape Verdean music and traditional food was served at a venue in Rhode Island. The Alzerina Gomes line can be bought in NYC or online at: AlzerinaGomesJewelry. com.

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