Paris and Nicky Hilton; Socialite Sisters

As long as there has been Reality TV, night club promoters and parties, fashion designers, influencers, Paris’ pink and sparkle, Nicky’s French Sole shoe collaboration, a start up Hilton boutique and celebutantes, the Hilton sisters have become a household name. Paris Hilton’s expression; that’s hot and sliving-slay/living and chihuahua, Tinkerbell, have become pop culture. Born to Richard and Kathy Hilton, they were born in LA and moved to NYC. Kim and Kylie, are their maternal aunts and have been on The Housewives of Beverly Hills, the family fame game is de rigeur. They’re the great granddaughter’s of Conrad Sr. and the grandaugther’s of Barron Sr., founders of Hilton Hotels. Their world has revolved around in living in NYC and Beverly Hills, traveling to places such as: Las Vegas, Paris, London, Ibiza and around the world, we have watched the pair of sisters grow up. The Hilton Hotel Corporation and Hilton Foundation, started by Conrad and Baron Srs., a worldwide hotel chain and business and an established philanthropic foundation, lends to the family name.

Paris and Nicky Hilton seem closer than ever and have q and a sessions and are in the spotlight again. Paris has created the campaign #breakingcodesilence in order to end the troubled teen industry, where schools such as the one she attended, Provo County in Provo, Utah, have made the news. Her documentary; “This is Paris” shows her life in music, merchandise, fashion and personal interests, but focuses on teens at a school which is marketed as therapeutic, but ended up being a nightmare for her and many of her peers. She speaks of the school staff screaming and keeping her in isolation, which resulted in a diagnosis of PTSD and night terrors There are other similar programs across the U.S.. Provo Canyon, was sold to another company, they deny these allegations. She is well remembered for her reality show; The Simple Life, with Nicole Richie. A parody with the two milking cows while residing on a rural farm and making blunders at a fast food place, while missing their cosmopolitan lifestyles. She speaks of this as a comedy and her perception of acting ditzy, being well that, an act. Paris Hilton has a taste for bling which can be seen in her passion for sparkles, her favorite color pink and clothing collection. For her 21 birthday, she wore a short silver Swarovski Crystal beaded dress, designed by Julian MacDonald which was paired with a tiara. Kendall Jenner copied the dress and Nicky, have worn the actual ensemble for a party. Her days of self promotion with other celbutante influencers such as; Kim Kardashian are not quite at the same level. She has her music career where she sings pop songs and DJ’s. Paris has created a multi million dollar business with products ranging from perfumes to clothing. Paris and Nicky’s favorite travel destination; Tokyo. They worked with Japanese handbag designer, House of Samantha Thavasa. Paris was a model and Nicky worked on creative, Paris has matured, almost 40, she is in love with bf, Carter Reum. According to People Magazine and other media outlets, the couple is trying to conceive using IVF. Paris Hilton influences a fantasy world which is glamorous, but some of it is business and not all is perfect and golden.

Nicky Hilton married banking heir, James Rothschild in London’s Kensington Palace, She had a lavish wedding and wore a custom made Valentino wedding dress which required many atelier fittings. The couple have two daughters, Lily Grace who is 4 and Theodora or Teddy, 3 yrs old. Nicky Hilton collaborates on a shoe line with French Soles. The shoes are flats, some with tie bows and come in a rainbow of colors. Some have designs with leopard patterns, velvet and a set of batting eyes with eyelashes, The sisters were offered a role on Sex and The City, but this did not work out,. Nicky works with a foundation which helps to prevent child sex trafficking. Nicky collaborated on an eye makeup line with SmashBox Cosmetics. The eye palette features a smoky color palette, eyeliner and mascara, packaged in a black case with a cat eye symbol. She designed jewelry for a company and has come out with a book: Style 365.

sThe Hilton sisters have two younger brothers, Barron who recently married and the couple has a newborn daughter, Milou. As well as the youngest sibling, Conrad. Keep on the lookout for a new generation of Hiltons.


Capucines HandBags by Louis Vuitton

The capucines handbag by French icon design house, Louis Vuitton, has launched a new ad campaign. The bag is a classic for the company and is trĂ©s chic Parisian as well as having a universal appeal. The ads show Princess Olympia of Greece, or Princesse de Grece, modeling the bag with scenes filmed in the city of light. Olympia, daughter of Marie Chantal and Prince Pavlos of Greece, is wearing the bags in a variety of colors, ranging from white to dark green. She strides in cute casual wear, pants and dresses, carrying the bag which shows the products beauty and versatility. We see her lying coyly on a white bed with a white cat, wearing a short top blanc and leggings. She is in a cute townhouse where she is relaxing in a Lolita like style. Olympia is shown eating bon bons reading the Le Gazette de Paris. Olympia then walks down a spiral staircase, wearing a a blue mini dress, with another colored bag, going up and down in an old style elevator and on a balcony taking a selfie, eating croissants and wearing dark sunglasses. She is speeding along the Seine, by bicycle, with the Tour Eiffel in the background. The sexy music, features a French female singer, crooning to the tune from The Who’s Talking ‘Bout My Generation. The ad clips move in a fast pace with a twist on the famous handbag which is named after Rue Neuve de Capucine, the first Louis Vuitton maison. The company was founded in the mid 1800’s and has a history of producing well made leather goods; traveling luggage, bags, wallets, shoes and fashion apparel. They changed their signature color from a orange -yellow to brown packaging, but the brand is classic and modern. The Capucines comes in styles such as; mini, BB and artsy. It ranges in price from $2,000 -$40, 000 + for the crocodile skin bags, all with the signature LV emblem on top and has a handle or leather strap. Check out the ads because they add a great look for any season; in bright pink, classic green, white, black. or with designs. They are functional and fashionable pieces to be enjoyed for your generation.

Scanlon Theodore: An Australian Women’s Brand Traveling Around The World

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Scanlon Theodore is a women’s fashion and accessories brand, offering ready to wear dresses, skirts and pants as well as handbags, sunglasses, eye wear, lingerie, shoes and a new bathing suit line. In 1987, Sarah Blank and Melinda Robertson created the brand in their down under homeland of Melbourne, Australia The two women, for the last 30 years, have been designing fashion with an elegant aura and independent spirit. Scanlon Theodore is a well crafted label which uses European materials. In addition to the Australian market, the clothing line is sold in the UK, France, Italy and most of the EU. The first store, in NYC, opened in 2017 with boutiques in the Flatiron, Tribeca and at Hudson Yards. Sarah and Melinda speak of the obstacles they face as women entrepreneurs in the fashion arena. They just opened a store in the Bal Harbour Mall, outside Miami. During the time of COVID, they have already prepared stores with sanitation, healthy protocols in place and the option for curbside pickup. For Spring/Summer 2020, colors range from pale blue to indigo, peach to pink hues and traditional black and white. A garment might be a black dress with white ruffles around the neck, but many pieces focus on neutral and timeless monotone coloring. Their signature piece is the crepe knit which comes in looks such as; the business suit, a slit skirt, dress, fancy jacket and bustier. It is versatile and modern, yet, has a feminine aesthetic. The puzzle summer silk maxi halter dress jumps out at you with its primary colors. The floral pattern dresses will make a statement at an indoor FaceTime porch party. Options for the independent modern woman who dresses to impress herself and arrive in style. The website has a scale for bust, waist and hips, shoes and size listings for Australia, UK, France, Italy and US since there are variations from country to the country. One can click on the website to see patterns for dresses, look at the crepe knits section and view lingerie as under items. Take a peek at their scarves and browse the solid colored and alluring beach wear. Black and white suits and slinky patterned v shaped bikinis are available for lounging poolside in the backyard or socially distancing on Shelter Island. This summer many beaches will try and reopen, even through the long COVID days.

Scanlon Theodore has reached out and designed personal protective clothing for NY hospitals. A feature on their website; Our Real Role Models, reveals females who have been nominated by colleagues and friends for their help during COVID. The company selected 25 outstanding women who work as nurses, doctors, educators and in EMS services and organizations. The winners received a crepe knit jacket which retails for $600.00. The women’s pictures and names are online with a description of their work and what makes them outstanding professionals during this time. Scanlon Theodore has linked their brand image with these women and believe these are the models we should recognize as COVID heroes. Marisa Greechan is a nominee, she works as a nurse practitioner at NY Presbyterian Hospital in Brooklyn. Marisa is a director of the Well Baby Nursery and and has helped to protect newborns and their mothers. Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a NYC ob-gyn and is Chief Medical Correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America. Dr. Ashton reports facts about the virus in layman’s terms while continuing in her private practice. Scanlon Theodore is an upcoming brand for the US market as well as the rest of the world. Actress and former royal, Meghan Markle, and First Lady, Melania Trump, wear Scanlon Theodore too.

Dylan Lauren’s Candy Bar: Merging The Sweet Life of Candy, Art and Fashion

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Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, has established a group of upscale candy boutiques which are located around the world. The flagship store is located on 1011 Third Avenue and 60th Street. The tri level confectionary of Willy Wonka goods has made candy a designer label. Upon entering, one takes in the colored candy splattered wallpaper, bins of gummy bears, red hots and licorice, stacks of chocolate bars and holiday themed sweets. There is non edible merchandise such as; key chains, jewelry and cell phone cases. Pajamas, pillows, beach towels and shirts are designed with the likes of; Reeses, M&M and sweet rainbow graphics. There is a wall portrait of Dylan, made with Jelly Belly jelly beans done by celebrity artist, Pete Rocha. He has done limited editions with jelly beans, one of Ronald Reagan, the president’s favorite jelly beans. Background music plays pop songs such as; Def Leppard’s: “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. A huge “chocolate” bunny rabbit, her favorite animal, graces the dotted floor. As a child, she owned two pet bunnies; Chocolate and Vanilla. A sky high multi colored Willy Wonka lollipop tree arises from the floor. The dramatic lucite staircase with candy lodged inside the steps, takes you to the 3rd level. It is almost as if one is immersed in the game of Candy Land. When you arrive at the top, the main section has cup cake shaped seating, circle table tops filled with candy and button candy decor, you are ready for a snack. There is a bar which serves alcoholic candy cocktails. The drink menu has a mixtures of vodka, tequila and rum, swirled with rock candy, peanut butter or a cotton candy flavor. You can grab a pizza, soda, a Dylan labeled bottled water or get a scoop of ice cream. Dylan Lauren focuses on candy and accessories for children and adults. She brings candy for diabetics, offering celebrity favorites from Madonna and Cher, nostalgic candy, adult candy and seasonal/holiday selections. Select chocolate flavored matzah for Passover or a Christmas basket filled with Dylan’s chocolate candy bars and pieces shaped as holiday trees and Santa. If you need a gift for a recent graduate, the store can ship you a dark or light chocolate cap and gown or flavored popcorn tin. Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Easter (Dylan’s favorite springtime holiday with rabbits and pastel colors) are dates on the calendar.

Dylan Lauren is inspired by color, her favorite hue, turquoise. This chic bubbly brunette wears colorful dresses tied with a striped belt, a black velvet Ralph evening dress or slim jeans with boots. Dylan comments that her father’s colorful t shirts and sweaters seem good enough to eat. She is inspired by Ralph Lauren color palettes and uses similar tones with Dylan’s Candy Bar branding. Color is a key element which Dylan brings to candy, packaging and decor, it creates the store’s image and feel. Lauren graduated from Duke University and then took a turn to candy and design. She attended conventions focusing on visual design, business and gift packaging to prepare for the store opening. Candy has been in her blood since she saw Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory at her 5th birthday party. Previous to opening her 2001 namesake candy, she worked with FAO Schwarz Toys and brought FAO Schweetz Candy to their counter. Ralph Lauren designed her fairy tale wedding dress for the 2011 wedding to financier, Paul Arrouet. They have fraternal twins; Kinglsy Rainbow and Cooper Blue. Fashion and pop culture is incorporated into her candy and store decor. Her logo is a linear series of a color blocked gift box, martini glass, ice-cream cone and lollipop. The logo will catch your eye when you look at a Dylan’s Candy Bar shopping bag, website or product sticker labels. Dylan Lauren wrote a coffee table book titled; Dylan’s Candy Bar:”Unwrap Your Sweet Life”, providing a pictorial look at merchandise, lifestyle and offering recipes. Dylan’s is an experiential store with features such as; a fudge counter, cotton candy spinner, a computer screen photo booth with a brand theme and it is the site for frequent parties, ie. a sweet sixteen. An important cause is her loyalty to dogs, Lauren has a non- profit foundation named: Dylan’s Candy BarN Foundation. The mission, to help animal welfare organizations which reach out to dogs in need. Every store varies slightly, one gets a glimpse of a beachy Hampton’s Candy Bar, a cosmopolitan aura at Hudson Yards in NY, a Chicago branch with the Windy City moniker and images on merchandise and an airport terminal in Charlotte, NC. The stores branch onto a more exotic journey: Dylan’s in Kuwait, The Bahama’s and Honolulu. She currently has a total of 22 stores and plans to open more domestic and international stores in the coming years. Dylan has partnered with movie companies, characters from “Mean Girls and “The Minions”, are emblazoned on merchandise and are dessert themes. Le Sports Sac bags have a signature Dylan’s pattern. Lauren is influenced by artists; such as: Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons. Dylan’s Candy reflects art and fashion in museum style.

Candy during COVID. Dylan Lauren has presented a package of a more nutritional candy and the company offers a selection of nuts. Eating healthy during stressful times and a pandemic, calls for a nutritious diet despite the store’s sweeter nature. The Dylan’s Candy Bar website dedicated itself to International Nurse’s day on May 12th. Earlier in the week, DCB had an Instagram promotion with Dana’s Bakery to recognize COVID frontline workers You could go to the Dylan’s Candy Bar and Dana’s Bakery IG pages to nominate the admirable efforts of a familiar frontline worker. The randomly selected winner receives a candy and cookie package from both stores, Dylan’s has a Dana’s Bakery Macaron Bar in her flagship store. The simple rules; like both pages, tag the nominee and explain why you would choose them as a sweet spot in combating COVID 19. The winner receives a large Dylan’s package filled with candy, chocolate, candy tackle box, popcorn and a selection of mookies (cookies with a macaron inside) from Dana’s Bakery. This should reenergize and cheer on the frontline workers during COVID. Dylan’s supported COVID efforts on #GivingTuesday as well. Following Dylan Lauren is a maze of tastefully color coordinated surprises and the company will continue to promote the confectionary brand in these COVID times. Stay home and click on The Dylan’s Candy Bar website to see the next sale or purchase a yummy treat while binging on Netflix movies or preparing a brief from your sofa. There are over 7,000 types of candy from around the world and the slogan: Color Your World with matching color coordinated candies sums up the world’s largest confectionary emporium. A new partnership with Starbucks and Whole Foods will bring a vegan and less colorful candy to the bins, but the recent cheerful flower collection should be a Dylan’s favorite. The garden bloom flower collection is springlike, pastel colored and filled with graphic flower images, made with vanilla, chocolate and hard candy ingredients. The selections; a package of 4 vintage pixel flower pops, groovy 60’s style flowers pops, good on top of ice cream sundaes or yogurt. A single chocolate red rose, a chocolate sunflower, marshmallow flower pop, purple and yellow iris pops, tulip creations, a white chocolate daisy as well as candy flowers in a paintbox container are stunning designs. The garden bloom candy reusable paintbox or wrapped flower candies make romantic/seasonal gifts and are a pick me up in COVID times. The packaging provides a safe way to send your friends, family or socially distanced lover, a cheerful and edible bloom, reminiscent of springtime. Dylan’s, garden bloom line, offers non- edibles such as; a flowery designed file book, reporter notebook, pencil case, rose petal lip gloss and packaged jasmine flower soap. Dylan’s is aware that these are not easy times and can accommodate for shipping and discounts on accessories such as; a candy pacifier baby shower gift or for Father’s Day: sour gummies from Jaws in a paintbox which will be sent to the door.