Body á la Carte

After viewing the French documentary: Body á la Carte, one is taken away by a visual and emotional perspective on French culture’s look into plastic surgery and beauty. The universal concept and theories are similar, but rhe French have long been associated with having a chic style and effortless non chalance. Many inspire to have the style of Bridgette Bardot, Catherine Deneuve or Laeticia Casta. The film explores a French female physician who works as an ER doctor and runs her own plastic surgery clinic. One arena does not replace the other, as one focuses on medical care in the high stress life or death emergencies or accidents and the other focuses on improving the aesthetic harmony for both females and males. The doctor , herself, has gotten plastic surgery procedures. She speaks of the naturalness of it and some patients are shown feeling more self confident and happy with their appearance. The topic of aging is introduced and a female in her 80’s shows flash backs of pictures of her younger self, but also is complacent with her age, as of the present. Plastic surgery is accepted and done more in countries such as; Brazil ands Thailand, but is a worldwide phenomena. Everyone knows the physical changes bring about increased self esteem and confidence. Feeling more youthful or just better able to function once their lips or wrinkles are erased.

Male plastic surgery is another topic which is portrayed. Becoming more accepted by most societies for the same reasons females might get plastic surgery and revel in the cosmetic industry. It used to be men in the Renaissance and ancient Greece and Rome who adored beauty. It was not until recently, that men might go to a nail soon, get a filler or be labeled a metrosexual. The social media is a revolution for the beauty, med spa and plastic surgery industries. Teenagers have tuned to sites such as Snapchat and Instagram to post their new look and even film their surgery. It is a new culture and cult following, but it is mostly a positive step, according to the film. Dr. Miami.. his nickname, is a star of the piece and shows his busy South Florida practice and the life of his admiring staff.. He believes if one achieves the “right”aesthetic results, we can focus on better relationships, life, career, self satisfaction, personality and character more. So the message, aesthetic surgery is fine and is integrated into most cultures as of the new millneium.