Makeup Your Mind and Go to The Makeup Museum

The Makeup Museum is a new exhibit, which opened September 1, at 94 Gansevoort Street, in the Meatpacking neighborhood of NYC. It features the history of cosmetics, makeup artists, industry speakers, models, ads, actual makeup displays from past eras. Its presentation is eye catching, Instagram or I Phone worthy, but it is the actual exhibit which opens your eyes. Many pieces come from The Hollywood Museum. One major backdrop exhibition at the entranceway, is the pink jungle which represents the 1950’s period. An area lit with the expression colored neon pink with tropical trees. Strike a pose and have a group or individual picture taken.

Begin your tour with a section for blondes only, brunettes only, brownettes, and red heads only. Hair and makeup are a piece of every female’s daily grooming routine, yet we are not aware of the history and how the industry evolved. Max Factor was the first company which served Hollywood, beginning in the 1920-1930’s era. Max Factor, a creative and entrepreneurial man from Russia, worked with the Russian royal family. Since he was of Russian Jewish heritage, the family helped him escape and emigrate to the US. He brought lipstick, powder, makeup brushes and cosmetic innovation. Maxwell’s great great grandson, Davis and founder of SmashBox Cosmetics, spoke at the museum, this past month. He presented the company’s history which began among the actresses in Hollywood such as; Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo. The pancake makeup, lipstick cases, old time mirrors, decorative compacts, lipstick cases are on display. In the 1930’s and 40’s, makeup started to move beyond theater and the movies. All women started to buy lipstick, blush and eyeshadow and it became an accepted piece of the beauty standard. There was a reputation that women before this time, wearing makeup, were “hussys” or gave the appearance of a “prostitute”. The Harmony Rooms.. dressing like rooms with neon mirrors are inspired by Max Factor, as well. As the company became the founding American cosmetics company, they set the precedence for the commercialization of makeup/cosmetics, beauty appliances and goods. One can see a heart shaped compact given to a mother from a Korean War veteran, as well as a metallic designed lip case for Greta Garbo. Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden developed their powerhouse companies, run by the women themselves. There are pictures/ads of 60’s icon, Twiggy, with a colorful flower eye makeup application. A prescription skincare routine, from Ernest Laszlo, is written out for Garbo. Current makeup artists such as; Kevyn Aucoin, are highlighted and photographers like; Steven Meisel, worked with him on campaigns with Paulina Porizkova et al.. There are photos of eyeliner winged star, Amy Winehouse. This is a trend she copied from other starlets and modernized the look with her music. For Hispanic Heritage Month, the founder of Besame Cosmetics, shows off the collection. A new book: If I Had Your Face, by Frances Cha, is a fictional book about four South Korean females who try to live up to their culture’s beauty standards of K Beauty, plastic surgery, a job as a room salon girl, prestige in cosmetics and K Pop. Memorabilia, on view, also shows the all American movie; Mary Poppins and the makeup that went into the production. The history of makeup, how it affects people and the way we feel is a core theme of the museum. Whether it was 10,000 years ago with Cleopatra and Egyptian kohl eyeliner, Japanese Kabuki girls, the 1950’s, after the war, when females wanted to be feminine and come into their own, drag queens or the 1970’s disco with glitter, there is a timeline for all to see. Come and make reservations to see this exhibit, it will bring back memories of eras gone bye and bring you up to date for your next purchase.



Paris Hilton: The New Simple Life

Everyone has an image of Paris Hilton; whether as pop culture and brand influencer, DJ, Hilton Hotel heiress, perfume and skincare entrepreneur, model, Hollywood blond, an infamous leaked sex tape by her then boyfriend or the from the parody TV show; The Simple Life. Now she has a YouTube show named Cooking With Paris. We will soon see another side of Ms. Hilton. The documentary, This is Paris, produced by Alexandra Dean, who developed Bombshell depicting actress, Hedy Lamarr. The release, this September 15th on YouTube. A sequel to Hilton’s 2008, Toronto International nominated film, Paris, not France. The trailer shows a montage of the celebutante with long platinum blond hair and designer sparkly outfits aka Barbie, Beverly Hills estate, family members, then the message: no one really knows the real Paris. People might think she came to instant fame with a paparazzi crowd, but the little girl who was growing up in California and NYC, says; she never really knew who she was. The real Paris undergoes a self revelation which has helped her therapeutically and explains life to family and viewers. During the 90-‘s, she promoted parties at nightclubs, The Sugar Factory and fashion/music/dance parties in places such as; LA, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Miami. She has a social media following of 11 million on Instagram. Her perfume of the moment, diamonds and the reality show; The Simple Life with Nicole Richie, show her image as an over the top fantasy. Her grandmother would call her the nickname, star, as a child, and compared her to Lana Tuner and Grace Kelly. The soft Marilyn Monroe like voice, changes into a mature tone and reveals layers of being the self whom she wishes to express. In a Sunday Morning CBS Interview, Paris talks about future plan, the past and misconceptions. A key issue, her teenage years at The Provo Canyon School in Utah, which focused on troubled teens. She speaks of the school as traumatic and abusive. Paris has never shared much of this with others, but the experience affected her physically and mentally. Much of her teen life with the trauma she endured and the “wilder” image, seems to stem from her younger life. The teenager had been living in the NYC Waldorf Astoria and like many teens, she had access to nightlife and did not tend to focus on school. Her parents sent her to a few wilderness camps and residential school, but she now reveals, the alleged verbal and physical abuse which occurred at this school. Other students who have attended, have spoken of similar incidents and Paris and some of the friends from school, meet to start a campaign; break the silence. They propose change and make billboards which portray the after effects of the abuse. Rick and Kathy Hilton, got caught in the process of trying to help her change partying ways and thought the school was going to break these habits. Paris says she was silenced from telling her family about the nightmare which was occurring. Nicky Hilton, her look alike younger sister, seems reserved and was not in the limelight, as frequently, back in the day. She is married to James Rothschild from the banking dynasty and have two daughters, Lily Grace and Thea. She has had past business ventures, but works on a shoe line collaboration with French Soles. Paris’s younger brothers; Conrad and Barron are now grown. Her mother’s sisters; Kim and Kylie are stars on The Housewives of Beverly Hills, even Zsa Zsa Gabor married into the Hilton family. Kathy Hilton and her sisters were child actresses too. Paris Hilton precedes reality TV star: Kim Kardashian West with nightclub appearances and reality TV. She could be dubbed a pioneer of self promotion and paved the way for social media. Paris Hilton’s net worth is about $300 million dollars which comes from an impressive line of skin care, makeup, pretty perfumes and a total of 19 lines which have earned 3 billion dollars in sales. The expression; “That’s Hot” has been replaced with “Sliving”, a combination of slaying and living. An Instagram picture of “sliving” is of someone enjoying themselves while appearing to display style. Paris Hilton has a serious boyfriend, Carter Reum. At almost 40, Hilton would like to settle down and have a family. Paris Hilton has come along way since her party years and will say; “Of course she knew Walmart does not sell walls”. The ditzy blond image was just that, an act. It is time to reflect as to what one sees at a venue or on TV, is not the full picture. Hilton speaks about Brittany Spear’s conservatorship and does not think some are being fair to the pop star and her children. Riches and the spotlight do not always add up to life on a deeper surface. The film shows happy childhood and family moments, her present career, but reveals dark and sad secrets. Nicky Hilton reveals trivia such as; she was the one trying on the heels as a child and Paris was more of a tom boy. Paris Hilton is multi dimensional and is prepared have a bright and sparkly future.