Billionaire Hotel: Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai, one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has become a destination for ex pats and travelers from around the world who seek business and travel opportunities. It is exotic, water based, lavish and historical. The city offers a wide range of activities which are reflected in the microcosm of this hotel. Burj or, in Arabic, tower, is shaped like a cylindrical sail on an artificial island which is 250 km offshore Jumeriah Beach. Burj Al Arab stands 1,035 feet and is considered the only 7 star hotel property in the world. It has 201 suites which start at the price tag of $1,500 a night. The higher floors and penthouse, the size of a large home, cost considerably more. A fully designed bi level abode has a big TV screen, gold plated baths, jacuzzi, workspace, top sea view, fully stocked bar, personal butler and items such as; Hermes perfume and bath items. There is a helipad which brings the guests who fly in and the pad is used for professional tennis. One can ride across the bridge and The Burj will send a Rolls Royce for door to door service. Concierges provide top notch service for travelers, heads of state and royals. The view of the Arabian Sea with a top floor pool and observation deck is a spectacular place to relax and soak up the sun, socialize and watch the resort’s water sports from which guests can access below. There is a 26th floor Skyview Bar which lends to the nautical aura. The lobby has two aquariums, in addition, the Al Mahara Restaurant (Arabic for oyster) has a huge semicircular underground aquarium filled with plant and aquatic species. There are seven other restaurants; a tea room, French Mediterranean cuisine and Arabic food. Upscale boutiques, more private and exclusive than the malls, the spa, beach and water amenities, echo a high end experience. The entrance to the lobby is spectacular and visitors look up at the inside tower filled with vibrant colors, spaces of metallic color, gold plated and gold leaf decor, bold columns and hanging motifs, Swarovski crystals sway amongst ground level with plush velvet sofas. The suites mimic Moorish and modern influences. Whether one is a Quatari Sheik, a billionaire business person or a couple celebrating their honeymoon, it is property which should not be missed when visiting the UAE. The Burj was completed in 1999 and since its inception, the city state has grown and developed into a playground and work space.