Le District; A NYC Spot with a French Riviera Feel

bread on wood table and ceramic cup
Photo by La Miko on Pexels.com

Le District/ Liberty Bistro is a downtown cafe, wine bar, market and group of restaurants which face North Cove Marina. It is nice in the summer because you have a Hudson River view while tasting; moules frites, croissants, a glass of rosé, or an entree of French fare. On weekends, outdoor tables and a DJ are like a French fête. Inside, Le District is an upscale market where one can buy fromage, café, patisserie, crepes, macarons and products which have been imported from France. Le Beaubourg is a restaurant with an extensive wine and champagne list, poisson, melted fondue with a plate of bread or their classic onion soup. L’ Appart, the exclusive restaurant where a reservation is needed for an event dinner or formal affair. There is a wine bar, classes and an area for food. The boat slips, view of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, Battery Park promenade and a tune by Vanessa Paradis or Carla Bruni Sarkosy, makes you feel like you are at Nikki Beach in Cannes. Whether you choose to sip on Veueve Cliquot, vin de Cote d’Azur or an Alain Milliat blackberry juice, one can shop at Brookfield Place and relax by yachts which ripple on the water.