Tiffany’s Gold and Silver :Merges a Digital Ad with Rosé

Tiffany’s sells fine jewelry and has relied on traditional marketing with Audrey’s Breakfast atTiffany’s, wearing low slung and close to the neck pearls with a black dress. The current digital ad campaign for the Hardware Collection has a new concept and face. One of the collections is bold geographic shapes, chain links, ball shapes and added locket charms. The new global brand ambassador is K Pop singer; Rosé. Rosé poses in pictures, wearing drop ball shaped earrings, chainlink necklace and bracelet. The Blackpink singing group has catchy and sedcutive tunes such as; “On The Ground”. The girl group group is comprised of three other females who model for Dior, Celine, and Chanel.Rosé has a pretty edge to her appearance. She is Tiffany’s new marketing choice along with Lupita Nyong’o, Johnny Yee and Elle Fanning. The brand is creating a marketing campaign, aiming to target a younger demographic who prefers more modern jewelry. She has blond hair with a pink tone, paired with the 18 K rose gold Hardware. Rosé is on the cover of Vogue Australia and did a campaign with St. Laurent. She is wearing a short alluring black outfit with gold accents. You can follow her on Instagram at; Roses_are _Rosie and the band at; Blackpink. The flagship window features The Hardwear collection pieces resemble a ball and chain theme, reminiscent of the rhythm and skyline of NYC. One can attach a lock charm or any other of the Tiffany links to create a new look. The window’s backdrop is a black and white screen with moving images of the city skyline. Rosé is of Korean heritage, but was born in New Zealand and grew up in Australia. Her music and look embodies K Pop, the language and some of the style, but her current dream is residing in the Big Apple. Rosé has been wearing Tiffany since she was a teen. Expect to see her in future fashion and cosmetic ads as well as her pursuit in music. The mix between fashion and music seems to always enhance brands and link music to another pop culture destination.




Paris Hilton: The New Simple Life

Everyone has an image of Paris Hilton; whether as pop culture and brand influencer, DJ, Hilton Hotel heiress, perfume and skincare entrepreneur, model, Hollywood blond, an infamous leaked sex tape by her then boyfriend or the from the parody TV show; The Simple Life. Now she has a YouTube show named Cooking With Paris. We will soon see another side of Ms. Hilton. The documentary, This is Paris, produced by Alexandra Dean, who developed Bombshell depicting actress, Hedy Lamarr. The release, this September 15th on YouTube. A sequel to Hilton’s 2008, Toronto International nominated film, Paris, not France. The trailer shows a montage of the celebutante with long platinum blond hair and designer sparkly outfits aka Barbie, Beverly Hills estate, family members, then the message: no one really knows the real Paris. People might think she came to instant fame with a paparazzi crowd, but the little girl who was growing up in California and NYC, says; she never really knew who she was. The real Paris undergoes a self revelation which has helped her therapeutically and explains life to family and viewers. During the 90-‘s, she promoted parties at nightclubs, The Sugar Factory and fashion/music/dance parties in places such as; LA, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Miami. She has a social media following of 11 million on Instagram. Her perfume of the moment, diamonds and the reality show; The Simple Life with Nicole Richie, show her image as an over the top fantasy. Her grandmother would call her the nickname, star, as a child, and compared her to Lana Tuner and Grace Kelly. The soft Marilyn Monroe like voice, changes into a mature tone and reveals layers of being the self whom she wishes to express. In a Sunday Morning CBS Interview, Paris talks about future plan, the past and misconceptions. A key issue, her teenage years at The Provo Canyon School in Utah, which focused on troubled teens. She speaks of the school as traumatic and abusive. Paris has never shared much of this with others, but the experience affected her physically and mentally. Much of her teen life with the trauma she endured and the “wilder” image, seems to stem from her younger life. The teenager had been living in the NYC Waldorf Astoria and like many teens, she had access to nightlife and did not tend to focus on school. Her parents sent her to a few wilderness camps and residential school, but she now reveals, the alleged verbal and physical abuse which occurred at this school. Other students who have attended, have spoken of similar incidents and Paris and some of the friends from school, meet to start a campaign; break the silence. They propose change and make billboards which portray the after effects of the abuse. Rick and Kathy Hilton, got caught in the process of trying to help her change partying ways and thought the school was going to break these habits. Paris says she was silenced from telling her family about the nightmare which was occurring. Nicky Hilton, her look alike younger sister, seems reserved and was not in the limelight, as frequently, back in the day. She is married to James Rothschild from the banking dynasty and have two daughters, Lily Grace and Thea. She has had past business ventures, but works on a shoe line collaboration with French Soles. Paris’s younger brothers; Conrad and Barron are now grown. Her mother’s sisters; Kim and Kylie are stars on The Housewives of Beverly Hills, even Zsa Zsa Gabor married into the Hilton family. Kathy Hilton and her sisters were child actresses too. Paris Hilton precedes reality TV star: Kim Kardashian West with nightclub appearances and reality TV. She could be dubbed a pioneer of self promotion and paved the way for social media. Paris Hilton’s net worth is about $300 million dollars which comes from an impressive line of skin care, makeup, pretty perfumes and a total of 19 lines which have earned 3 billion dollars in sales. The expression; “That’s Hot” has been replaced with “Sliving”, a combination of slaying and living. An Instagram picture of “sliving” is of someone enjoying themselves while appearing to display style. Paris Hilton has a serious boyfriend, Carter Reum. At almost 40, Hilton would like to settle down and have a family. Paris Hilton has come along way since her party years and will say; “Of course she knew Walmart does not sell walls”. The ditzy blond image was just that, an act. It is time to reflect as to what one sees at a venue or on TV, is not the full picture. Hilton speaks about Brittany Spear’s conservatorship and does not think some are being fair to the pop star and her children. Riches and the spotlight do not always add up to life on a deeper surface. The film shows happy childhood and family moments, her present career, but reveals dark and sad secrets. Nicky Hilton reveals trivia such as; she was the one trying on the heels as a child and Paris was more of a tom boy. Paris Hilton is multi dimensional and is prepared have a bright and sparkly future.

A Common Thread

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A Common Thread is an organization, founded by Vogue US editor in chief, Anna Wintour, and the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America). It began, in 2003, as a way to provide funds to those affected by 9/11. It has again gained popularity with the emergence of COVID 19, raising over $4.3 million dollars and over 800 applications. Anna Wintour, editor in chief, and CFDA leader, Tom Ford, are working to provide a common thread to aid the fashion industry. To make a donation to A Common Thread, text: Thread to 44-3231. Maison de Mode, a sustainable fashion company founded by media heiress, Amanda Hearst, is selling a bracelet which one can purchase online. 100 % of the profits go to The Common Thread and shoe designer, Nicky Hilton, models and endorses the bracelet on her Instagram account. Manufacturers, textile suppliers, graphic designers, makeup artists and creatives are people who need help at this time of crisis. The industry is trying to figure out how to keep up with production and the supply chain of fabric and raw materials. It is a clever name for an organization which is supporting a community bonded by threads of fabric. Another commonality, the fashion industry and global population are coming together. Many high end fashion companies; Alice and Olivia, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani are making masks, protective gear and hospital gowns.MAC has relief efforts donating to meal related organizations and Origins Cosmetics has consumer support website chats. Companies such as; LoveShack Fancy and Mo’da Operandi have been working with organizations such as; Baby2Baby and NoKidHungry as well as Oscar de la Renta giving money to the CDC. Monica Vinader jewelry is donating to the British medical system and their Fiji plant is making masks. While The Tory Burch Fashion is looking to donate to NY’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Brands such as Glossier are promoting hand cream for the extra hand washing that is taking place. Fashion is using social media, Zoom and company websites to engage with customers; offering free hair, nail, makeup and fashion tips from influencers, industry professionals, doctors, hair stylists, aestheticians and clothing companies. Instagram live videos show how to do at home masks, facials, hair color, yoga and makeup tutorials. Many in the fashion arena are offering promotions and discounted merchandise to keep up business and consumer activity. Holidays such as; upcoming Mother’s Day on May 10th and April 22nd’s Earth Day are prominently advertised on websites since online purchases are the new normal for gift giving. Wintour’s son, a physician at a NYC hospital, contracted COVID while working on the frontline so the cause is close to her heart. Wintour states that many do not recognize the behind the scenes employees such as; seamstresses, textile plants and factory workers, key players in fashion production. This June/July’s Vogue special edition illustrates the first still life in 50 years. The cover shows a picture of a single red rose with green leaves and thorns, a white background, a long black stem and Vogue is written in black lettering. The caption; “Our Common Thread, Creativity in a Time of Crisis”. It was shot by fashion photographer, Irving Penn. Inside, celebrities such as; Florence Pugh, Marc Jacobs, Giselle Bundchen and Kim Kardashian West have a “Postcards From Home” series with pictures and anecdotes from past covers and fashion/COVID topics. Ethan James Green, a photographer, has photos of frontline health workers from NYC. This month, Vogue Italia, has a blank white cover illustrating stark reality and stillness.