The Tarot Garden/Giardino dei Tarocchi


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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

The Tarot Garden or, in Italian: Giardino Dei Tarocchi, is a whimsical sculpture exhibition which is located in Tuscany near Pescia Fiorentina. The garden is modeled after Antonio Gaudi’s Parc Guell in Barcelona. Those familiar with Gaudi know he has a brand of architecture which is modern, creative, colorful and playful. Barcelona is inspired by Gaudi’s works and the cathedral which is still in progression.

The Tarot Garden is the mastermind of French-American artist; Niki de Saint Phalle. It is quite unique and I came across the images on Instagram. It might be a secret garden to those outside the European radar. De Saint Phalle has collaborated with many artists who have engraved their names into work. It is like an amusement park, but it is a land of symbolic sculpture. It seems part child like and part adult. It took 20 years to develop and opened in 1988. De Saint Phalle lived in The Sphinx while working on the project. Spend a few hours seeing the colorful ceramic mosaic painted creations with mirrored pieces on reinforced concrete. The materials which have been used to build these 22 elaborate creations. Sculpture themes are; The Sphinx, The Golden Skelton, The Hanging Man (death theme), The Priestess, The Castle, The Devil, The Moon, The Oracle and The Hermit. I do not fully understand the mythology, religious, mysticism, predictions, space, time or deeper interpretive meanings, but one can read the website in more detail and watch videos. The collection is based on tarot cards and combines imagery and nature in a dream like state. The creative designers put thought into the color, shapes, textures, materials, placement, design , philosophy and detailed subjects. One wanders through the garden maze and leaves, feeling as if they have escaped the world of time and place.







La Dolce Vita in NYC

Right now, many wish they were planning to leave for summer destinations on the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sicilia or Isola Ponza. Imagine seeing the faraglioni rock formations or gliding in a boat under The Grotto Azuro. Sun drenched spots filled with yachts, Sicilian cannolis with orange peels, limoncello shots or savoring a gelato vaniglia while wearing your new Missoni striped bikini, Capri sandals and Dolce and Gabbana cat eyed sunglasses. Remember the SPF lotion when the sun is shining down on your skin and you’re dreaming of a skin kissed glow. Well, due to the pandemic, relaxing summer days and music filled nights, have been put on hold. Soon, we can stop by NYC’s local hot spot, Come Prima. A high end fashionable Italian restaurant, located in The Upper East Side neighborhood on Madison Avenue. Here, one can immerse themselves in the black and white 1950’s photos of boaters, snapshots of Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly, while dining on spicy pasta fra diavlo or cavatelli with porcini mushrooms. Relax and have an aperol spritz or a bottle of wine from the Chianti region. Sophia Loren is known for her quotation; “All of my curves, I owe to pasta”. It is a welcoming spot owned by Italian born, Salvatore. It gets tourists strolling down the shopping street or locals who feel at home. The Mediterranean is at your door with the modern and stylish white tables and chairs, bar, lively decor and an old world Italian touch. A time to reflect and eat locally once the restaurants can reopen. A staycation can be enjoyable and the Big Apple’s melting pot lends authenticity to the cities’ varied cultural cuisines and style.