Essie Nail Colors for Summer 2020: Ride Through Moroccan Sand

Photo by Tomáš Malík on

Essie is one of the most well known nail color products and every season there is a collection for toes and nails which conjure up colors with a theme. Summer 2020, Essie has a group of 6 nail polishes which will visually take you on a trip to Morocco. Think Casablanca, Fez with its hats, the lush gardens of Marrakesh, spice souks and desert dunes with camels. Salons have been closed, for awhile, due to COVID, but you do not have to put your manicure and pedicure routine on hold. There are self care nail tutorials, nail files, toe nail clippers, buffers and emery boards so you can create your own in house nail spa. Essie sells a base coat and top coat too. An exotic location such as, Morocco, can bring to mind a certain color palette. This time, gold tones, reds, earthy shades and magical colors, will give your digits the look of a glowing sunset, exotic fabric weave or a desert underneath a sunset. Souq up the Sun is a color which is a creamy red coral, Mosaic on Down, a gold with ultra fine glitter, Bustling Bazaar, a cyan blue, Spice it Up, a bold and burnt red, Kaf-tan, a warmer earthy red and Worth the Tassel, a bubbly purple hue. An ad features Bustling Bazaar with a splash of blue polish in the center, a lantern, drinking glasses, and a blue beaded necklace, depicting shopping at a bazaar. One can buy this Essie Collection in drugstores or online at It comes in regular nail color as well as the gel.