Holographic Avatar and Marketing with Lil Miquela

Brud is an entertainment, robotic, augmented reality and artificial intelligence company in LA. The company is a pioneer with the conception and technology of AI characters such as; Lil Miquela and commercial avatars. Chief Creative Officer, Nicole de Ayora, and Trevor McFedries, technical wizard and DJ, and Sara DeCou helped create a robotic hero product for the fashion and entertainment industry. A 19 year old digital apparition named Lil Miquela, is a an augmented reality femme fatale, developed in 2016. De Ayora says; “Lil Miquela acts alone.” She is the nouvelle avatar and a style visionary influencer. Originally, she was used as a fake CGI character with fictional personas; the couple: Bermuda and Blawko. Miquela appears in music videos; “Money” and “Hard Feelings” which were shown at Lollapalooza and Coachella. Consumers, at first, were perplexed by the pictures of an image with rubbery-smooth skin, dark hair, freckles and digitally rendered hair. Her persona is grafted onto the body of a teen Instagram model. Some wondered if she was real or the brainchild of the Brud Company. The new trend in marketing fashion and style seems to be a holographic pop star by augmented reality. Analog replaces digital for Millennials and Generation Z. Miquela has been in Prada, Burberry, Chanel, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Samsung Galaxy, Lauv and streetwear campaigns. How do people respond to this type of marketing, in many ways and we will grow used to the concept which will replace some traditional promotions. In a picture, Lil Miquela, can be seen wearing Louis Vuitton and NYX Créme Color Face and Body Paint in bold red. Makeup artists and stylists have worked to perfect the image and show products for a targeted demographic market. As of this year, she has 2.4 million Instagram followers and is popular on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Engineers, graphic designers, music producers, ex Spotify, AOL and Microsoft employees and new style “movie studios” have created fictional characters that are similar to a relatable friend. Japanese pop artists tend to also use avatar and anime themes. It is similar to a modern day Superman cartoon. The concept was modeled after the 1939 show: “The War of Worlds”, it is going trans-media. TechCrunch, CNBC, CNN Money, VOX, The Cut, WIRED, High Snobiety and Elle Magazine are covering the new sensation; Lil Miquela. The character has helped with causes such as; Black Girl Code, fundraising for the wildfires in California and LGBTQ issues. Miquela kisses model Bella Hadid in a Calvin Klein ad and a storyline depicts her as a sexual assault victim. All to help with today’s rapid pop culture changes. Her inspiration is influenced by the TV show; Will and Grace. Investors have put $125 million dollars into virtual reality star, Lil Miquela, and her success. Miquela Sousa or better known as; Lil Miquela, can earn up to $10,000 dollars an Instagram post, she is the coolest girl we know.


Scanlon Theodore: An Australian Women’s Brand Traveling Around The World

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Scanlon Theodore is a women’s fashion and accessories brand, offering ready to wear dresses, skirts and pants as well as handbags, sunglasses, eye wear, lingerie, shoes and a new bathing suit line. In 1987, Sarah Blank and Melinda Robertson created the brand in their down under homeland of Melbourne, Australia The two women, for the last 30 years, have been designing fashion with an elegant aura and independent spirit. Scanlon Theodore is a well crafted label which uses European materials. In addition to the Australian market, the clothing line is sold in the UK, France, Italy and most of the EU. The first store, in NYC, opened in 2017 with boutiques in the Flatiron, Tribeca and at Hudson Yards. Sarah and Melinda speak of the obstacles they face as women entrepreneurs in the fashion arena. They just opened a store in the Bal Harbour Mall, outside Miami. During the time of COVID, they have already prepared stores with sanitation, healthy protocols in place and the option for curbside pickup. For Spring/Summer 2020, colors range from pale blue to indigo, peach to pink hues and traditional black and white. A garment might be a black dress with white ruffles around the neck, but many pieces focus on neutral and timeless monotone coloring. Their signature piece is the crepe knit which comes in looks such as; the business suit, a slit skirt, dress, fancy jacket and bustier. It is versatile and modern, yet, has a feminine aesthetic. The puzzle summer silk maxi halter dress jumps out at you with its primary colors. The floral pattern dresses will make a statement at an indoor FaceTime porch party. Options for the independent modern woman who dresses to impress herself and arrive in style. The website has a scale for bust, waist and hips, shoes and size listings for Australia, UK, France, Italy and US since there are variations from country to the country. One can click on the website to see patterns for dresses, look at the crepe knits section and view lingerie as under items. Take a peek at their scarves and browse the solid colored and alluring beach wear. Black and white suits and slinky patterned v shaped bikinis are available for lounging poolside in the backyard or socially distancing on Shelter Island. This summer many beaches will try and reopen, even through the long COVID days.

Scanlon Theodore has reached out and designed personal protective clothing for NY hospitals. A feature on their website; Our Real Role Models, reveals females who have been nominated by colleagues and friends for their help during COVID. The company selected 25 outstanding women who work as nurses, doctors, educators and in EMS services and organizations. The winners received a crepe knit jacket which retails for $600.00. The women’s pictures and names are online with a description of their work and what makes them outstanding professionals during this time. Scanlon Theodore has linked their brand image with these women and believe these are the models we should recognize as COVID heroes. Marisa Greechan is a nominee, she works as a nurse practitioner at NY Presbyterian Hospital in Brooklyn. Marisa is a director of the Well Baby Nursery and and has helped to protect newborns and their mothers. Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a NYC ob-gyn and is Chief Medical Correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America. Dr. Ashton reports facts about the virus in layman’s terms while continuing in her private practice. Scanlon Theodore is an upcoming brand for the US market as well as the rest of the world. Actress and former royal, Meghan Markle, and First Lady, Melania Trump, wear Scanlon Theodore too.