Body á la Carte

After viewing the French documentary: Body á la Carte, one is taken away by a visual and emotional perspective on French culture’s look into plastic surgery and beauty. The universal concept and theories are similar, but rhe French have long been associated with having a chic style and effortless non chalance. Many inspire to have the style of Bridgette Bardot, Catherine Deneuve or Laeticia Casta. The film explores a French female physician who works as an ER doctor and runs her own plastic surgery clinic. One arena does not replace the other, as one focuses on medical care in the high stress life or death emergencies or accidents and the other focuses on improving the aesthetic harmony for both females and males. The doctor , herself, has gotten plastic surgery procedures. She speaks of the naturalness of it and some patients are shown feeling more self confident and happy with their appearance. The topic of aging is introduced and a female in her 80’s shows flash backs of pictures of her younger self, but also is complacent with her age, as of the present. Plastic surgery is accepted and done more in countries such as; Brazil ands Thailand, but is a worldwide phenomena. Everyone knows the physical changes bring about increased self esteem and confidence. Feeling more youthful or just better able to function once their lips or wrinkles are erased.

Male plastic surgery is another topic which is portrayed. Becoming more accepted by most societies for the same reasons females might get plastic surgery and revel in the cosmetic industry. It used to be men in the Renaissance and ancient Greece and Rome who adored beauty. It was not until recently, that men might go to a nail soon, get a filler or be labeled a metrosexual. The social media is a revolution for the beauty, med spa and plastic surgery industries. Teenagers have tuned to sites such as Snapchat and Instagram to post their new look and even film their surgery. It is a new culture and cult following, but it is mostly a positive step, according to the film. Dr. Miami.. his nickname, is a star of the piece and shows his busy South Florida practice and the life of his admiring staff.. He believes if one achieves the “right”aesthetic results, we can focus on better relationships, life, career, self satisfaction, personality and character more. So the message, aesthetic surgery is fine and is integrated into most cultures as of the new millneium.


Miléo Elixir Oil; Skin Luxury

Miléo Elixir Oud is an upscale serum which is colorful, organic and pampers the skin with botanicals, flowers, oud and bakuchiol. The NY brand, cultivated by Matthew Miléo, is a treat for improving face and neck skin’s elasticity, firmness, glow and aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a serum and a cream which is applied during the morning and or night, in circular motions, after cleansing and toning. Research has shown the percentage of improvement with each of the 6 elixirs. One can purchase a set of smaller bottles to try out and then choose your favorite potion to stay with as part of your ritual beautifying routine.

Miléo is pamper and gift ready. Allure Magazine’s Beauty Edition Pick’s named the product line, “the most luxurious we have encountered”. Labyrinthe Vert which is named after The Gardens of Versailles, thus the name Green Labyrinth. A vivid emerald colored serum which refines skin’s texture and normalizes pore texture. It contains oud wood, bakuchiol and French violet leaf and after 3 weeks use, one should see a 40 % change in skin smoothness and pore size. Maroc D’Azur is the Moroccan Blue of the Azures and contains; Moroccan blue tansy, oud and bakuchiol. It drenches the skin with moisture and helps with drier skin and fine lines. Monte D’Oro, Mountain of Gold, is a serum colored with a golden glow. Derived from Corsican flowers and oud as well as botanicals rich with healthy skin ingredients. This serum improves skin radiance and restores skin cells for a healthier tone. Amber Fort is strong and the color is an amber yellow like the name. It helps to brighten and add a radiant glow with a few drops each day. La Rose De Joell, a pink rose color serum helps with redness, inflammation and protects the skin from pollution and free radicals. Collognes De Rouge is a red named after the red stones in a French province. It is the serum known for collagen and helps with firmness and elasticity.

Miléo is made of 100 % botanicals, organic, petrochemical free, PETA tested and is GC/MS (gas chromoagraphy/mass specific. The flowers such as; Thai Frangipani and Chinese Osmanthus are sent to Grasse, France to be treated as chemical free. They are handpicked, cultivated and processed. They are sent in a metal suitcase to prevent petal bruising. The product line uses ethically sourced ingredients, wild farming and prides itself in sustainable sourcing. The packaging and bottling is recyclable with a wood pulp cap. The East Indian wood is now retrieved from the sap and the small amount of plastic used is often used again in other products or disposed of responsibly. Oud the main aspect of the elixir is often found in perfumes and has long been known as a regal substance used by kings and queens. It is a wood which comes from South East Asian agarwood trees. Oud is an anti inflammatory and has regenerative properties. Miléo is meant to enhance the skin after bath time and has skin benefits, but it feels good and is aromatic. It might change its color or fragrance because it is natural, but it has a shelf life of three years, as long as it is stored away from the sunlight. Indulge your senses with this colorful, multi cultural, beneficial and playful skin luxury. Household fashion and beauty magazines and websites endorse this product, a brainchild of a NY entrepreneur. Bustle says; “it is almost to pretty to use”. It is sold online, in high end boutiques and department stores, prices range from $70 for small bottles to $300 for the larger bottles, soak these magical serums into your skin.



Essie Nail Colors for Summer 2020: Ride Through Moroccan Sand

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Essie is one of the most well known nail color products and every season there is a collection for toes and nails which conjure up colors with a theme. Summer 2020, Essie has a group of 6 nail polishes which will visually take you on a trip to Morocco. Think Casablanca, Fez with its hats, the lush gardens of Marrakesh, spice souks and desert dunes with camels. Salons have been closed, for awhile, due to COVID, but you do not have to put your manicure and pedicure routine on hold. There are self care nail tutorials, nail files, toe nail clippers, buffers and emery boards so you can create your own in house nail spa. Essie sells a base coat and top coat too. An exotic location such as, Morocco, can bring to mind a certain color palette. This time, gold tones, reds, earthy shades and magical colors, will give your digits the look of a glowing sunset, exotic fabric weave or a desert underneath a sunset. Souq up the Sun is a color which is a creamy red coral, Mosaic on Down, a gold with ultra fine glitter, Bustling Bazaar, a cyan blue, Spice it Up, a bold and burnt red, Kaf-tan, a warmer earthy red and Worth the Tassel, a bubbly purple hue. An ad features Bustling Bazaar with a splash of blue polish in the center, a lantern, drinking glasses, and a blue beaded necklace, depicting shopping at a bazaar. One can buy this Essie Collection in drugstores or online at It comes in regular nail color as well as the gel.