Love Shack Fancy; Modern Romantic Boutique

There is a brand that conjures up images of floral patterns, shades of pastel, white eyelet, pink hearts and tulle material. It is a reminder of Marie Antoinette decor meets girls dancing at ballet recitals. The name, Love Shack fancy or LSF. The creative director and founder, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, works with her husband. Love Shack Fancy began 6 years ago, with a boutique in East Hampton. It then came to NYC, on Bleecker Street in the West Village, and more recently, on Madison Avenue. There are new stores on Melrose Avenue, Newport Beach, CA and Palm Beach. Yesterday, a Texas store opened in Dallas’ Highland Park Village Shopping Center and then another opening in Austin. Ruffles, tulle and pink and white cowboy boots with hand painted heart emblems and cowgirl hats, are pictured on opening day. A floral pastel colored cake with a fondant image of Texas is presented in celebration. Well, after the state’s power outage and Covid times, why not have a party and go big. The concept began when Rebecca H. Cohen designed bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. She has an eye for color, detail and a unique design concept. RHC had done editorial magazine work for Cosmopolitan Magazine, but retail is in her blood. The online Love Shack Fancy site is doing well and Instagram and other social media platforms show the latest knit tops and legging combinations, whimsical dresses, skirts, accessories and shoes. A feature of this store, it carries merchandise for adult females and young girls, mothers and young girls who shop for matching outfits. This captures images of mother and daughter bonding, at events such as; springtime parties, Easter, weddings and birthday parties. Rebecca Cohen has two young daughters, Sophia and Scarlett. The young sophisticated sisters could be models for the line and are pictured on Instagram wearing the brand at their festive birthday parties with pink balloons and playing dress up in mom’s high heels. The pink and gold lettered shopping bags, floral linens, pillows, hanging flower displays, tables settings and ballet tutus, create a mixture of modern Edwardian and Victorian. The 2021 summer line is out and the floral and pretty pastel swimwear will look great at the backyard pool or beach. LSF has a collaboration with Hurley’s Women, a swimsuit brand which is prefect for the modern women who likes spending time on the beach. LSF boutiques draw shoppers to fill a niche market.



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