Sakara Life : Meal Plans Which Heal Within

Sakara Life Inc. is a trendy and thriving company which provides organically prepared meal plans, delivered to your doorstep. Two childhood friends, Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle, got together and created Sakara Life to bring food, supplements and healthier living, to the table. Both were experiencing physical ailments and decided to create a unique business model; convenient and organic/plant based deliverable meal plans. The target market, like minded females also in search of healthier food options. The 20 -50 year old market is in search of an already prepared balanced diet which aids in health. Danielle DuBoise, an actress, now also a mother, was struggling with inflammation, gut health issues and conditions such as; cystic acne. Whitney Tingle was working on Wall Street in a high pressure job and wanted to use her business savvy to create a passion; helping people on the go, who might not have the time to create quick, tasty and healthy meals. Weekly meals can be a choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner.. or all 3, as well as supplements which work with Sakara Life. The plan has food options such as; a rainbow carrot salad and honey chia parfait. A more advanced plan is offered as well.

In 2011, the two women started delivering Sakara Life, based in NYC, by bicycle to homes and offices. It is now subscription based and is delivered around the country. Their main philosophy, use plant based and organic ingredients, to heal from within. The emphasis on the origins of health and wellness, derived internally and externally. The company offers snacks, salad dressings and supplements aa well. Super Green Vegetable Powder, Sakara Rx-The Foundation with probiotics, B 12, ceramides, Beauty Detox Water Drops and Metabolism Super Powder are big sellers. There is a bridal plan which prepares for the wedding day by aiding with detoxification, reducing inflammation, boosting energy and mood while helping to create a “radiant glow”. A Best Self Plan and the Sakara Life Plan are other options. HeyMamas is a 2,500 member network of mothers who mentor, post and partner with relevant brands, Daniele and Whitney wrote a cookbook: Eat Clean, Play Dirty. The book is catchy and describes the ultimate guide to healthy living and diet with personal anecdotes. Their informative website is updated regularly with tips and there is a podcast. Both entrepreneurs and Sakara Life have been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, Women in Wellness, the NY Times and in Oprah’s Super Soul. Sakara is a Japanese word, referring to springtime cherry blooms, a descriptive moniker for the company.


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