The DREW Barrymore Show: ET Star Comes Home

Drew Barrymore came to the silver screen in the movie: E.T. The film was a sensation. An adorable little girl starring in a movie with an extra terrestrial character, creating a world sensation which makes audiences laugh, cry and love. E.T. is fondly remembered, decades later. Drew Barrymore comes from a theatrical dynasty with great uncle and aunt; Lionel and Ethel Barrymore; starring in: It’s A Wonderful Life and, respectively, Ethel was named “the grande dame of theater”. Drew’s father was actor, John Barrymore Jr..She struck out on her own with Steven Spielberg and continued on a Hollywood journey from childhood to a grown woman. Drew has been in movies such as; the TV spin off of “Charlie’s Angels”, “Never Been Kissed” and “Fifty First Dates”, produced by her company: Flower Productions.
She plays a seductress in a 1990’s thriller: “Poison Ivy” and stars in other movies such as; “Donny Darko” and “Grey Gardens” with Jessica Lange. The star has grown up in front of the camera and our eyes. The little girl, Gertie, with pig tails, on her new TV talk show billboard, flashes into the current Drew, a beautiful woman. Barrymore has made many TV and magazine appearances, wrote an autobiography in 1989; Little Girl Lost. An autobiography which speaks volumes to the joys and sorrows in her life. In 2015, she came out with another memoir: Flowerchild which discusses her life, childhood, family and career. She has created music and has appeared in ads for Covergirl cosmetics. Barrymore won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award and was nominated for a BAFTA. Drew was married to Tom Green and then remarried, Will Kopelman, from whom she is now divorced. They are raising two daughters; Olive and Frankie.

Yet, Drew’s News, a segment on the show, makes her the host of The Drew Barrymore Show. The Drew Barrymore Show is a positive and interactive daytime talk show which brings a happy hour to daytime TV. She invites guests and interviews †hem about their lives and career while effusing a radiant personality. The show debuted at 10am on September 9, 2020, airing on CBS in NYC and can be seen around the country. Her first guests; Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz from the Charlie’s Angels movie. She has talked with Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, Charlize Theron and dressed a giraffe with a bow tie. This Monday’s upcoming episode is with Paris Hilton and Basque celebrity chef; José Andreas. Tune in for more exciting features with Drew and her guests for lively chats. The color yellow is used for the monogrammed show title and logo themes. The bright color tone adds a sunny mood, providing the perfect anecdote for stressful COVID mornings.


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