Uoma Beauty: From Nigeria to London: Universal Dialogue

Photo by murat esibatir on Pexels.com

In the time of #BlackLivesMatter: the senseless killings of: George Floyd, Breonna Lewis and Ahmaud Arbery, bring new meaning to race and social injustice. A cosmetics company started by Nigerian born entrepreneur, Sharon Chuter, brings a new perspective to racial understanding. Sharon Chuter was born in Nigeria and moved to London, working as an executive for LVMH and is founder of Uoma Beauty. Uoma (pronounced Oh Ma) is the Nigerian word for beautiful in Igbo. Uomo is profiled by Allure Magazine which highlights an entrepreneur who is making strides in cosmetics, but cares about dialogue and fostering understanding concerning race and racism. Yesterday, the social media had Blackout Tuesday, users put up a black square, in which people stood in solidarity for the black community and against the killing of George Floyd. #TheShowMustBePaused was targeted to music sites; Apple, Spotify and YouTube, which went silent.

Chuter says; “There are many lines such as; Fenty Effect, which address a multitude of skin shades, but she wants to take it a step further and enhance communication between women and people from all races to foster more equality. Coming from Nigeria, she knows of the obstacles and injustices which have occurred in her homeland as well as throughout Africa. The Uoma line has a foundation named, Say What which comes in 51 shades, but Chuter empathizes the unique and authentic self. This is in response to ones inner and outer beauty. The line uses the Fitzpatrick Scale which measures skin’s reaction to the sun. The scale identifies 6 skin groups which have similar characteristics and skincare needs. Skin Kin comes in shades from cool to warm; White Pearl, Fair Lady, Honey, Honey, Bronze Venus, Brown Sugar and Black Pearl. Uoma Beauty wants to know what a woman likes and wants more of in her daily life and how her outer appearance can fulfill needs in other areas. Fair skin tends to get red easily and is hypersensitive so Uoma uses microalgae. Rose Hybrid which reduces sebum production and induces elastin production are ingredients for those who would pick the Honey Honey shade. Brown Sugar and Black Pearl users tend to have a dullness and the line contains tomato as a brightening agent. For lips, metallic shades in Black Magic Impact and matte lipsticks are Bad A…. The packaging is bold, shiny, innovative and modern with moderate pricing. The Skin Woke concealer comes in 18 shades, a liquid eyeliner with a name such as; Cleopatra and Boss Gloss monikers; Diana Ross and Maya Angelou. These black females are a legendary singer/performer and the other, a world renowned author and activist. Bahia and Trinidad are lipstick names and are places reminiscent of shades which have a natural warm hue, kissed by the sun on a tropical beach. The line has versatile eye shadow palettes and a range of contour and highlighter sticks in shades such as; Barbados. The products are cruelty free.

Uoma Beauty favors fashion photographer, Nadine Ijwere, who has taken shots with model, Nyakim Gatwech and Allure covergirl, Halima Adem. Adem is from Somalia, but escaped to a refugee camp in Kenya. She is represented by IMG Models and won Miss Minnesota where she was the first contestant to wear a hijab. She has been in Sports Illustrated as well as being a major runway icon. Gatwech has been dubbed; “The Queen of Darkness” and hails from Southern Sudan. Chuter believes beauty comes in every color and is part of the movement to encourage change for inclusion and to eradicate injustices. Uoma’s main message is that all are welcome to this beautiful tribe. Uoma would welcome a donation to #blcklivesmatter and #humanrightsmatter because no one should feel left out. Other organizations; The George Floyd Memorial Fund, Reclaim the Block, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Black Visions Collective and the NAACP are foundations which support the Black American community.


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