M.A.C. Makeup X Selena: Selena La Reina Cosmetics

Photo by Viviana Camacho on Pexels.com

MAC Cosmetics X Selena, named the singing queen of Tejano, Mexico, has an upcoming makeup launch on April 6th, Selena La Reina. One can purchase the cosmetics online at their pre sale and the official sale begins, April 21. MAC stores are currently closed due to COVID-19. Become a star and show the looks on the social media or when you are in the mood to play with makeup. In the 1997 movie Selena, Jennifer Lopez chronicles Selena’s career and tragic death, a moving memorial to the star. MAC is doing a second Selena 25th anniversary collaboration, organized by MAC and Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla. Selena had a flourishing singing, song writing and fashion career. She owned boutiques in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Selena performed in spectacular concerts, singing in Spanish and English, as a Tejano musician. She began performing in her birthplace state of Texas. Selena became a worldwide name, winning a Grammy. Selena sold 60-65 million albums and she became one of the most well known 90’s Latina singers in the US. The makeup collection is a tribute to her life and star powered shine, thus the name: Selena La Reina or Selena the Queen. MAC X Selena ads feature pictures of the singer and the products reflect her sparkly and vivid persona. MAC designed a black makeup bag with Selena’s name, written in iridescent sparkle lettering. Inside the makeup bag, one can put the line’s lipsticks, gloss/lip glass, eyeshadows and highlighters which have creative and symbolic names, reflective of her Mexican heritage. One can get an exclusive sneak peak at the line which has some makeup products, in bold purple casing. Purple was her favorite color and her name is emblazoned on the items. There is a complete makeup package in a purple case, named the vault. Many will choose to purchase a lipstick, compact, highlighter or shadow to get a taste of MAC X Selena. The branding uses an iridescent color for one side of a palette and the other side is black with a rhinestone bustier. The “holographic” rhinestone bustier is a top which Selena frequently wore when performing. There are pictures of Selena wearing the sparkly bustier and sporting black pants and a black hat. Eye shades have a range of subtle and bright colors with names such as; 25, Hey Dad Pizza, It’s a Texas Thing and Live in Concert. The lipsticks are in hues of pink, purple and neutrals with monikers; Involvidable (unforgettable), Dame un Beso (give me a kiss) and Big Bertha. Blush colors are named; Muy Excited, Te Amo and Captive Heart. The Extra Dimension Skin Finish is a rich gold pearlescent highlighter in a flower pattern, adding a glow to ones face. There is a memorabilia picture of Selena which one will see as they open the case. MAC’s lip glass has a popular pink shimmery color: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and it comes in a bright red color, Siempre Selena. To many, Selena was a music icon and represents first generation Mexican American females. One can watch MAC’s glamorous online tutorial, in which, a Mexican American female shows her makeup routine using MAC products and select shadows and gloss from the Selena collection. You can swipe with Selena and do a virtual try on. Come and celebrate MAC X Selena’s 25th music and legacy anniversary, tag yourself on social media@maccosmetics and at #MACSelena. On a side note, MAC does frequent collaborations and partnerships. There is a new Barbie makeup collection, featuring Barbie dolls images and highlighting the doll’s classic pink with lipsticks, shadows and blush. There was a 2019 makeup partnership with the Broadway rendition of Moulin Rouge, a video demonstrates looks done with the show’s actors. Since 1994, The MAC Viva Glam Foundation has donated $500,000,000 to benefit AIDS and vulnerable communities. Most recently, $10,000,000 has gone to serving nutritious meals for vulnerable populations who are fighting COVID- 19. MAC works with companies such as; God’s Love We Deliver which helps approximately 5,000 people with shelved food, in addition to their other work. The Angel Food Project hires restauranteurs and chefs who are out of work due to the virus. If you buy a MAC Viva Glam lipstick, 100 % of the proceeds will go to a cause through the Viva Glam program. MAC Charitable Foundations is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder Charitable Foundations and The Estee Lauder Company. We look forward to the Selena Collection and to be back in a MAC store.


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