In Living Color

Restaurants in major cities add to the culture, design, architecture, ambience and cuisine of a metropolis. Not only do the locals like to go out to restaurants and rooftops, but tourists eagerly seek the culinary world. It is an experience which utilizes all the of the senses; taste, smell, vision and touch. The mural pictured, is painted by a Brooklyn graffiti artist, NCarlos J.. who is trying to convey an industrial design with pop culture images. The decor on the wall of Midtown East restaurant, Ivy Lane, draws one into the space and coveys messages. One sees the bright colors, stripes, flowers and a black and white bikini clad female, making a striking impression upon entrance. The designs exude an energy symbolic of fashion and NYC synergy. Other murals such as; a bright orange moon with dark sky and a collage, showing a female pictured with tape covering her mouth as well as slogans echoing female imagery representing liberation. One absorbs the stylish atmosphere, before they have arrived at their table. A staircase takes you up to a semi causal dining area where one can order a cocktail, hamburger with many toppings or choose the catch of the day. A bar display, an animal skin rug, ivy on the wall and candles, bring a ski lodge image, to mind. Ivy Lane is a new place to dine and observe the culture at play. Formerly, it was Asian an fusion place, Jade 60 and then Maison Vivienne. Ivy Lane is a welcome change for this neighborhood. Due to the corona virus, most restaurants are only open for take out and delivery, but some restaurants have gift card donations for employees, cards for future diners and support is needed to ensure the future of great dining.


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