Italian Farm to Face Beauty

Photo by Troy Squillaci on

The Furtuna Line of skincare is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Agatha Luczo. Agatha created Bambini (the Italian word for children) Furtuna, a line of holistic children’s health remedies. Luzco wants to sell effective products which are healthy since she was a nineties Croatian supermodel and is a mother of four. The family has an 865 acre organic farm in Sicily which is the source for the businesses. The property belonged to her husband’s grandmother and her husband, Stephen, is the CEO of tech firm, Seagate. Seagate produces cosmetic products which are derived from wild medicinal plants and rare olives trees. Face and eye serum, the brand’s first items, are an anti-oxidant with an olive leaf water base. Furtuna’s emphasis on organic ingredients is a buon idea for everyone. The micellar water uses olive enriched surfactants and no chemicals, cleansing more throughly. They have a nourishing bi phase oil, featuring botanically infused olive oil. It is produced on this magnificent farm and sells to stores such as; Williams Sonoma. Furtuna is consulting with facilities associated with universities in Italy and the US. The discovery of a natural preservative methodology which causes plants to protect each other from mold and bacteria is innovative in product development. Ingredients such as; Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and a plethora of wild botanicals from Sicily are the forefront for these beauty products. Agatha Luczo wants a simple routine and knows that most do not want to purchase 16 different products. Furtuna has been featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines. Celebrities such as; Helen Mirren, use them to relax their skin and improve overall well being. (content credit: Vogue US, April, 2020 Edition)


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