Disney World’s Mulan Fairy Princess: Liu Yifei

Photo by Tún on Pexels.com

Disney will be releasing the 2020 version of the live action movie; “Mulan”, staring Chinese actress, Liu Yifei. The movie focuses on a young Chinese maiden who disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save the her father and country. There was an earlier musical action version done in the late 1990’s. Liu Yifei was born in the province of Wuhan, attending the Beijing Film Academy. Her mother is a dancer and singer. Her father, a French professor and ambassador at The Chinese Embassy in France. She came to the US to work as a performer and model and went back to China and established herself in the Asian market. Yifei’s first movie is “The Love of May” which is based on a video game and then she preformed in “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”. Liu signed with Japan Sony Music Entertainment Group in 2005, her entrance to a professional singing career. Asia made her a sensation and she gained popularity in the TV series; “Return of Condor” which was popular in Vietnam, China, and Japan. Yifei was in an ad for Chaumet jewelry and displayed the necklace and rings with grace. She is known as Fairy Sister because she has an innocent look. At the LA movie premiere of “Mulan”, Yifei wore a flowing sheer gold evening dress by designer, Ellie Saab, accesorizing her long wavy black hair. Later in the evening, she changed into a sexier party dress. Superdrug has created a makeup palette in collaboration with Mulan. The collection has names such as; warrior, brave and courage, packed in an oriental blue and gold box with a floral pattern. Despite any paradoxes between Asian and US cultures, fashion, music and acting, will make Liu Yifei a universal star.


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