Marie Chantal.. Modern Princess, Children’s Boutique/Designer, New Author and Mother

Photo by Andrew Neel on

Marie Chantal or, aka as MC, is a “newer” fixture in NYC, but she balances time in London, Gloucestershire and Yorkshire, England as well as traveling the world. She is the daughter of Robert Miller, an entrepreneur of duty free shops. Marie Chantal has two sisters; Alexandra Miller Von Furstenberg, the ex wife of Alex, the son of designer DVF, and Pia Miller Getty. Marie Chantal is married to Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark. Prince Pavlos’s family fled Greece after the 1967 coup of King Constantine. Prince Pavlos grew up in England and the couple’s wedding was held in London. Prince Charles is a godfather to her son. Her new Vendome Press book; Manners Begin at Breakfast: Modern Etiquette for Families, a modern perspective on etiquette, in this ever-changing contemporary world. The book cover is designed with pictures of items such as; a symbolic cell phone and the forward is written by Tory Burch. Technology, conversation, dinner parties, parenting and travel are topics. In a “Town and Country” interview, Marie Chantal says, she does not often use the title of princess. Marie Chantal began her baby and children’s line, Marie Chantal, in 2000. A concept which emanated after the birth of her third son, baby. The boutiques are located in NYC and London. The clothing line is known for its baby angel wing onesie, pretty little girl party dresses, and preppy boy’s clothes as well as having an Asian influence. MC grew up in Hong Kong. The logo, what else, a crown. One can see pictures of Marie Chantal wearing a beautiful diamond tiara, but she seems at ease in a sweater, jeans and riding outfits. She has four sons and a daughter, Olympia Marie. Olympia Marie, now 23, is on the fashion scene and has modeled for ballet flat company, Pretty Ballerinas. MC is multitasking, living a productive and fun filled life, with or without a tiara. To get a further glimpse into Marie Chantal’s life, follow her on Instagram at MarieChantal22. You will see holiday pictures, family life and fashion. The same with her daughter, Olympia, she uses the Instagram handle, OlympiaGreece, showing travel, friends and alluring shots. Marie Chantal is collaborating with the upscale nail design salon, Paintbox. The sweet colors are an accompaniment with the Marie Chantal angel wing design and are named moon swoop and one lacquer is blush pink. Instagram shows MC wearing a two toned nail pattern, a clear moon color and a crescent shape in blush pink. A pretty in pink princess.


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