Fast Forward Fashion in 2020.. The New Year’s Trends

Photo by Wellington Cunha on

Happy New Year!! As we enter 2020, the second decade of the millennium; fashion, design, cosmetics and decor will take new turns yet keep traditions. There is an accumulation of trend setters and brands which have emerged this past year and have a strong future. One that comes to mind, Devon (Dev) Windsor. The model, from St. Louis, made strides with Victoria’s Secret, but is well known for her Instagram and YouTube channel with informative fashion and beauty tips. Dev Windsor posted pictures from her safari honeymoon and the Maldives. Shots show her wearing her swim line creation. Meredith Mickelson is another modeling sensation. She has an edgy and sexy style with striking platinum hair and green eyes. The Welle Company started by model, Elle Macpherson, is based in Soho, NYC. Welle focuses on health, beauty and “wellness” products. One can order online, but the store gives the shopper a tangible experience. Australia and a beach lifestyle is a component of the marketing with a movie screen showing scenes from the continent down under. Health and sustainable brands are the future in fashion, cosmetics and decor. New acquisitions and rebranding are at the forefront of business too. Tiffany and Co. was bought by LVMH and is a new venture since it is a large American jewelry company. Richemont, a parent company for brands such as ; Chloe, Piguet, and Cartier, is LVMH’s French industry competitor. Tiffany’s developed a a more extensive men’s line and has a pop up boutique near Trump Tower. On view, are major league sports trophies. Tiffany’s is partnering with The Rainforest Alliance to help with paper and wood sustainability. This year has seen a plethora of new designers, models, photographers, IV vitamin drips and Korean (K) beauty, one can hardly keep up. Here is to a new year filled with creativity and cultures which meld together.

Photo by Firaaz Hisyari on

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