House of Repossi: Gaia Repossi, A Modern Jewelry Star

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Gaia Repossi is part of the Repossi Company, a world renowned family jewelry house, founded in Turin, Italy in 1920. Gaia has developed her own line of Repossi jewels with a modern twist. Much of Gaia Repossi’s brand uses gold; black gold, rose gold, lilac gold and white gold with a diamond solitaire or a cluster of white diamonds. She will use yellow, white and pink diamonds or an emerald, placed backwards or off center. She studied at the Beaux Art Academy and received her masters degree in archaeology. Gaia says she has always been a thinking person and enjoyed art and illustration, but was not initially going to enter the family business. She entered as the creative director in 2007.Her great grandfather, Gian Petro Repossi, founded the company in Turin and the family then opened a store in Monaco. Repossi debuted in Paris’s Place Vendome in the 1950’s. Gian Petro had a modern style, but her father, Alberto, has a classical design preference and is the company president. Gaia has a modern, edgier and unique take on jewelry with Bauhaus, Corbusier, Richard Serra, Franz West, Brutalist and African influences. Gaia is known for a wide gold cuff bracelet which can be custom designed, a single drop earring, cuff earrings, rings, exotic necklaces and bracelets. Some of the collections are high end necklaces with architectural spaces filled with diamonds, layers of rings, stones placed on the back of rings and modern shaped bracelets. The Berbere, her first collection, was designed in 2010. Others are; Antifer and Antifer Hearts, named after the cliffs in Normandy, Serti (gem setting) Sur Vide, Blast, Serti Carre Alterne and Bridal. The newest collection is named White Lightening. Gaia collaborated with Jason Wu during NY fashion week and won the Elle Award. Gaia Repossi’s headquarters are in Paris, but she has expanded to NYC, Dubai, Doha, Macau, Hong Kong and London. The line is sold at; Saks, Selfridges, Bon Marche, Printemps and Dover Street Market. Gaia Repossi’s jewelry is intoxicating and one can find a whimsical statement piece for evening and casual chic for everyday.


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