Faena Resorts: A Model of Argentinian and Miami Sunshine

The Faena Hotels were founded by Alan Faena, a prominent Buenos Aires real estate developer. The Faena Miami is a melange of art and architecture mixed with hospitality, a shopping complex, spa, ocean view condo residences and theater. The first resort opened in Buenos Aires and in December of 2015, residents and travelers could experience The Faena Hotel and Condos on Collins Avenue in Miami’s South Beach district. The “Latin” culture and ultra contemporary buildings are creating an even more vibrant and energizing Miami. The Faena Hotel’s signature colors are velvet red and Uruguayan blue. The bold color scheme is seen in the lobby, their red and white striped beach chairs and umbrellas as well as in the rest of the resort areas. There is a dinner/theater showing; The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. The show is based on a movie, starring Helen Mirren, and touches on themes of sexuality, affairs and cannibalism which symbolize the capitalistic struggles during the Margret Thatcher period. The spa, Tierra Santa, touches on healthy beauty and wellness seminars. There is an outdoor loggia, but the main restaurants are; Argentinian hot spot, Los Fuegos by Chef Frederic Mallmann and Asian cuisine by Paul Qui at Pao. In the cathedral like lobby, tapestries by Juan Gatti, depict biblical and animal scenes, reminiscent of a museum. The beach area showcases Damien Hirst’s: 2014,”Gone, but Not Forgotten. The sculpture is a mammoth skeleton covered in gold, gold leaf, rubber and stainless steel. It is valued at 25 million dollars and encased in a clear rectangle with a golden rim, it was originally auctioned at The Cannes Film Festival. The Faena Hotel Miami collaborated with director, Baz Luhrmann, known for The “Great Gatsby” movie. The SoBe area is expanding and one should make a trip for some sun, sand, recreation and culture.


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