Korean Nail Icon JINsoon

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

Jinsoon Nail Lacquer and the Jinsoon Salons have become a trademark name. A glimpse into their salons, one might think they resemble an Asian restaurant. The appointment only salons, four are located in Manhattan, have black lacquer and bamboo decor. Jin Soon came to New York from Korea and needed to find work. Given the fact she had not yet learned English, she figured a Korean restaurant or a nail salon would be the right fit. Jin Soon made the right choice and picked the nail care industry. The brand became a high end name in the fashion and design world and she now carries her own line of polish and nail products. Jinsoon works with celebrities/models and designers want her colors and collaborate with her during NYFW. The Jinsoon line is creative and is held to high standards, the products have a 9/10 rating for having non- toxic ingredients such as parabens. The products are long lasting, vegan, chip resistant and are not tested on animals. The chic color palettes, which change by season, feature color combinations and can be used for nail design. The Fairest Collection, named for Snow White, consists of Poison Apple, a sparkly red, Mirror Mirror, a sparkly silver hue and a snowy pearl white. Theses shades can be used alone or as a top coats as well as with their art deco decals. The Flapper Collection contains; rose gold, silver, and silver sparkle polishes which are reminiscent of the 1920’s flapper era. Jinsoon has worked with Goop and has boxes with contrasting colors which pair well with each other and matte colors. They have a specialized Love Graffiti Set and a choose your own color palette box. The company and followers produce YouTube tutorials so your nails look well designed with a solid color, color blocking or in moon patterns. These colors are good for occasions and everyday, your digits will make a strong fashion statement.


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