TVF for DVF Update

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The new TVF for DVF fall collection is out in Diane Von Furstenberg’s boutiques and online. This is an example of a generational fashion company, similar to the Hermes family or Estee Lauder with granddaughter, Aerin Lauder’s cosmetics and perfumes. TVF or Talita, promotes a line of skirts, maxi dresses, mini dresses and mohair sweaters. The clothes capture a fall aura of flower and fern prints and pink and blue satin fabrics. TVF’s collection reflects the autumn nature which replicates elements of DVF’s Connecticut country home. The ads and website show TVF and models frolicking in the country, baking apple pie and boating at a lake. It is not very different from TVF’s spring capsule collection debut, but this time, it is a new season and she has one more notch under her belt. TVF has prints available to use on your I Phone. The line is at the DVF Soho, NYC boutique and went across the pond to the DVF in Mayfair, London. A NY dinner party was just held at La Mercerie/Roman William’s Guild. This weekend, the pop up launch, was at the Mayfair Hotel and one can shop the TVF pop up for the next three days. The store displays a field with red mushrooms, flowers and foliage, you can take a picture wearing an outfit in this idyllic background.

DVF has another media outlet, The Weekly Wrap, with reports on couture updates, influencers and styling tips. Diane Von Furstenberg has been one of the main contributors and donators for the new Statue of Liberty Museum. There is a book about the statue and a documentary: Liberty:Mother of Exiles which premiered on HBO. DVF, like many, immigrated to Ellis Island from Belgium at 22 years old. She passed the torch as she entered a new land of freedom. DVF’s nickname is the goddess of liberty and she dressed as Lady Liberty for May’s Met Gala. Keeping up with this family fashion empire is quite a feat.


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