Kingdom Style.. Lion King Fashion and Design at Bloomingdales

Photo by Alexas Fotos on

The Carousel Department at Bloomingdales in NYC, Century City, LA and San Francisco is a rotating shopping experience which changes every 2 months. Last month, featured sustainable and eco friendly fashion. This summer, with Disney’s remake of the Lion King movie, Bloomingdales will sell fashion and accessories along with other designers and home decor from African countries. The project is curated by Florence Kasumba, an actress and the voice of The Lion King’s hyena, Sambie. Kasumba is half Ugandan and half German, she has been excited to help put together merchandise from the movie and feature other designers which reflect unique heritages. The area opened in July and will close on September 2nd. The merchandise from the Lion King varies from a black tank top with the movie logo and lion design, S’will which sells a thermos with The Circle of Life song emblem, items featuring Simba, the Pride Rock logo and other Disney animal prints. The company, Bean There, is a treasure of fair trade coffee beans from Tanzania, Ghana and Botswana. An outstanding feature is a collection of animals beaded in bright colors that range from lions, tigers and elephants. The jewelry line, Bauble Bar, has wood and beaded African earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Lem Lem, a product headed by Ethiopian model, Liya Kebede, markets patterned hair ties. Many of the proceeds from merchandise goes back to local workers from the various countries. There is clothing designer, Studio 129 from Ghana, Pro Imperial from Nigeria, designers who use mohair, wool, recycled glass and beading from South Africa. Beyonce’s makeup line is sold here and she stars in the movie. One can browse through colorful home accessories, shea butter products, raffia bags, outstanding clothing and jewelry. Explore the “Style Kingdom” as soon as possible.


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