Gucci’s Memoire Perfume

Gucci’s new fragrance: Memoire d’ Une Odeur is out in stores. It is a unique blend of; Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, White Musk and Indian Coral Jasmine. The Cedarwood is a honey like scent, Chamomile, a soothing flowery note, Indian Coral Jasmine, an exotic flower (also called Queen of the Night) from India and is the floral symbol of Bengal and noble woods. The fragrance is gender neutral too. The brand’s heritage is Italian, but focuses on the familiga (family), capturing happy, sad and nostalgic memories through a photographic theme. Thus, the title name: memories of a scent. The green background and gold star packaging is a celestial image reminiscent of the Renaissance and Gothic churches. The bottle is light green glass with ridges similar to an ancient Roman/Greek temple with a gold cap. It is a copy of a retro Gucci bottle from the 90’s. There is a gold rimmed logo card with an encryption technique, capturing the fragrance without having to directly spray it onto ones’ wrist. Stores have a photo booth where you step in and capture your image or take a picture with a friend or family member. It is a prop which works with the theme and engages the consumer in an immersive experience. Fragrance research has found a perfume’s notes, bottle design, packaging and concept of memories and psychological techniques, play together to evoke positive thoughts and memories. Gucci’s designer, Alessandro Michele, the head of May’s Met Gala; Camp Notes on Fashion, orchestrated the ad and marketing campaign with Greg Luchford. A series of models and actors star in the ad, the most well known, British singer and song writer: Harry Styles from One Direction. The ads feature pictures from Italian fields and ancient buildings as well as photos of the cast. Images of Giotto’s Scrovengi Church in Padova are used in the design and bring the fragrance to life. Since it is Gucci’s newest perfume, the marketing mix is played up and is essential to bringing brand awareness and interest through store displays, TV and digital ads as well as consumer interaction. Remember, Gucci’s Memoire d’ Une Odeur.


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