Twin Girl Models

The Clements twins, two nine year old girls from Southern California, became an overnight Instagram sensation when their mother, Jaqui, put fashion and home life pictures up a few years ago. They regrouped, signed with an LA modeling agency, digital group and entertainment company. They have been dubbed the “most beautiful twins in the world”. Their names; Ava Rose and Leah Marie. The adorable blond haired and green eyed identical twins are hard to tell apart. One is slightly taller than the other, but some cannot distinguish them from each other. The Clements even do a video of The Olsen Twin’s song. They have a social media presence which shows professional shots and shares a glimpse into their home life, now 1.5 million followers. Their father, Kevin, was a professional swimmer and trainer, their older brother and model, Chase, as well as their busy multitasker/manager mother, Jaqi. The twins have a YouTube Channel in which they seem friendly and quite close to each other. They have done ads for local California stores, clothes and toys with their most recent ad for Aldo shoes and a twin themed Crocs commercial. They did a nail polish promotion in which proceeds will benefit their baby cousin who has a spinal disorder and early testing can prevent it from developing. American Girl Doll and Frozen merchandise are new clients for the girls modeling career. The sisters and family spent their summer vacation in NYC, Mexico, Palm Springs, The Cayman Islands and at home in Orange County. They often spend 6 hours commuting to LA for work. They bond with girl time and one day they might use this money for college. They have a large following because they are cute and being twins with clear green eyes makes them stand out. Child modeling is competitive and some might be leery of too much exposure at such a young age, but so far, so good. They almost started as babies, but with a family of three, their career was put on hold. A news show covered a segment about young social media influencers and the role these venues play in society. Recently, their father was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma and Leukemia. The family is coping as best as one can. They have used Instagram and news coverage to spread the message that their father needs a bone marrow donor match, through DKMS-delete blood cancer. The company provides a registry and swab kit. The family has many stars and they need to channel them for the most important cause, life.


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