Brooke Shield’s: The Face of 2019

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

Time Magazine featured Brooke Shield’s on the cover as; “The Face of the 80’s”. Now nearing a May birthday, her fashion and acting career is still going. She will be in the upcoming comedy; Dr. Meds and the movie; Daisy Winters, in which she plays the role of a woman dying from a terminal illness. In between raising her two teenage daughters, she is the new spokeswoman for SculptSure. SculptSure is a medical/aesthetic device which doctors use to get rid of hard to lose weight and helps with body contouring. She is collaborating with high end jeweler, Richard Procop, who uses precious gems for earrings, bracelets and necklaces and will emphasize Shield’s French heritage. He is based in Beverly Hills, but has offices in Geneva and Hong Kong. She and Mr. Procop worked on the Brooke Collection which is a reflection of the actresses’ style. Some proceeds will go to Ruth’s House of Charity in LA which helps battered women and their children. He has also done jewelry pieces with Angelina Jolie. American style is an aspect of what Brooke Shields represents, she was in Ivory Snow baby commercials at 11 months old.

Photo by Vincent Gerbouin on

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