Stefano Ricci: Rich in history, culture and fashion design

Stefano Ricci is a high end Italian fashion and interior design company which has been family based in Trisole, Italy and Tuscany, Florence since 1972. Stefano Ricci is the founder and his two sons; Fillipo and Niccolo have followed in his footsteps as creative director and CEO. Most of the fabric and creative work as well fashion shows and advertising is done in Italy, but boutiques have sprung up worldwide. There are stores in Hong Kong, NYC, Moscow, Cannes, Dubai, Las Vegas, Rostov in Russia and Phenom Penh, Vietnam. The company is elegant and prides itself on its’ use of silk worm and their purchase of an 1837 establishment of antique weaving looms called Antico Setificio Fiorentino, stemming from aristocratic families. The brand focuses on menswear which includes; bespoke and tailored suits, ties, pocket squares, shirts, causal wear, accessories and a SR junior line for boys. There is a homeware line that focuses on hand blown glassware, table settings, china and interior design for the home and yachts. Ricci uses much piedra serena black and brown wood, diamond encrusted material and fine silks. Their logo is an eagle which is embossed on the clothing and seen in decor/ads as well. The Ricci company has become so well established it has compiled a book of ancient art and textiles, created a golden triangle tie dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, held a fighting charity at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and lit the Ponte Vecchio. They have made fashion tributes to painters at the Uffizi Gallery, artist Jack Vettriani and Rene Gruau, an advertising and fashion icon. Stefano Ricci supports the Andrea Botticelli and the Mohammad Ali Foundations. Advertising is mostly filmed in Italian villa settings and the Mediterranean and they have held fashion shows at the Opera House in Milan and at the Uffizi . It is a fashion house filled with an impressive heritage that works as a modern lifestyle brand.


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