Kingdom of Belgium: Delvaux Handbags

From the Kingdom of Belgium to the new Fifth Avenue NYC boutique, Paris, London, Germany and around the haute couture world, Delvaux is continuing its’ reign over high end leather handbags and accessories. The Delvaux brand is classic, well crafted and has a rich history. Each season; Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, they emerge with a current collection. Some bag designs are still produced such as; the Cool Box, Tempete, Madame, Satchel, Miniatures and The Brilliant, but the company creates a modern twist of colors, appliqués, alligator skins and trends. Charles Delvaux founded the handbag line in 1829 and a crown symbol is pictured above the Delvaux moniker. Belgium did not become a monarchy until a year later in 1830 and in 1883, King Leopold 11, titled them; The Purveyor to the Court. In 1907, they received a patent which is probably unusual for the time. The railway system, in 1875 Belgium, became the biggest network in Europe and with central transportation being a connection hub, there became a need for leather traveling luggage. This has dubbed them the world’s oldest leather goods company. The Brussel’s World Fair, in 1958, has hostesses wearing the Brilliant Delvaux Handbags. It is the first brand to have seasonal collections, reflecting the weather or season in which women change their handbags and dress. Delvaux has a book of gold or live d’or which is their look book. The Fall/Winter Rhapsody Collection for the 2018-2019 season offers many options with an emphasis on white, gold, a skiing theme and a sharp edged Gladiator design. There is the winter Pochette which comes with apres ski girl charms with names such as; Cortina, Megeve and Saint Moritz and a Mini Brilliant Crystalline bag with crystals in an icy blue finish and white flower pattern. The Golden Eye is a snow like creation of shiny gold sequins with black embroidery on calfskin and The Bolshoi, a 3 D silk screen print of Byzantine Russian churches with swirls of black, grey and gold embossed onto the leather. Other winter wonders are; an ecu caviar charm, winter rhapsody scarves and coordinated key rings. British themes such as; a Beefeater Guard/Buckingham Palace, Camden Place plaid and Piccadilly bags, embellish another aspect of the collection. French mantras scrawled on the front of some merchandise and Belgian symbols offer other cultural fashion choices. The Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is a more “bohemian” style in warmer hues and emblazoned jewels on a silk pink background, called Lady Gipset. The color palettes are in shades of; jade, lapis, a celadon lagoon color, sea colored navy, an amber/brandy sunset, terra-cotta earth, framboise silk or raspberry, lighter pink and spring flower patterns. The Fifth Avenue boutique is two floors and resembles a classic, spacious and beautiful European atelier or living room. Delvaux occupies the space which was formerly the antique jewelry store, A La Vieille Russie. Hopefully, Delvaux will attract female shoppers who desire classy handbags which exude a Belgian aura.


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