Into The Gloss; Glossier

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The blog, Into the Gloss, about makeup, cosmetic reviews,

and Glossier retail has gone from pop up shop space and

online shopping  to a new Soho, NYC flagship store. It started in

2014, digital beauty by Emily Weiss, developed a makeup and

skin care line experience for those who like innovative, playful

and modern products. They target the pink millennial

and beyond. The store opened at 123 Lafayette Street and

should draw a fashion crowd, modeling agencies and makeup 

junkies. Emily Weiss is quoted as saying ; “she likes emotional 

commerce” not retail or e commerce. One enters the store, 

designed by Gauchot Studios, seeing pink and futuristic

displays with a red staircase. The three floors have

stocked shelves, a grooming room, counters and other 

merchandising paraphernalia. Some of the well 

known products are; Generation G lipsticks made with 

sunflower wax and rose lychee, boy brow filler, slick

flick mascara, haloscope highlighter and cloud paint

tubes which resemble the colors of a Manhattan sunset.

A jelly milk cleanser, in flavors, green mega

galaxy or moonstone masks are skin stars. Glossier

is fun and colorful as well as having a skin care

first philosophy. The transformation is from showroom

to store with glowing lights, flowers, long sofa and

mirrored counters where you can try on products. Ads

with a diversity of skin tones and styles enhance the future

of cosmetic purchasing power. In the end, ring up the items

on their iPad, but they do not accept cash. 


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