Sweden’s Eytys Label opens in London

adults airport architectural design architecture
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com.  

Eytys, an avant grade clothing brand from Stockholm,

opened its’ first store in Soho, London. The brand

launched a sneaker line in 2013 ,unisex wear in 2016 and

then jeans. A Ready to Wear Collection is for the spring

season. The fashion designers, Max Schilling and

Jonathan Hollstein, want their clothes to be sold in an

architectural mix of brutalism and modernity. The

boutique’s concrete walls, Italian veneer and tube

lighting, like in the contemporary art museum, The

Pompidou. There are mirrored dressing rooms and doors

with a metal palm tree. A sculpture, The Logogram, and a

cow skin, mimic the new wave of Swedish fashion in the

upscale London enclave.

information credit goes to Dezeen Magazine





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