Decorte only at Saks

Photo on 11-2-18 at 10.06 PM #2IMG_2227.jpg

A walk through the cosmetics department at Saks is good

for the soul. The Saks flagship store redid their

cosmetic and perfume floor in order to; offer more brands,

be interactive, hold events and spas as well as

compete with online shopping and Sephora.

It is a Japanese skincare and makeup line called

Decorte, now sold in the U.S.  It is a skin line

intending to capture beautiful skin through geo

technology such as; onsen or hot spring water from

a Japanese volcano, serums, eye gem shadows and Vi

Fusion which uses Eastern philosophy. One of the well

known Decorte models is Kate Moss. It is a refreshing treat

to go to a spa floor and purchase an eye cream with earthy

Japanese mushrooms. Their makeup and skin care

is unique and elegantly packaged.


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