Reel in the Fashion

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The movies and fashion are intertwined and this does not occur only on Oscar night. Two recent movies reflect this trend; “Crazy Rich Asians” and “A Simple Favor” have scenes where one views fashion playing a role in the plot. “Crazy Rich Asians”, based on a book series by Kevin Kwan, is filled with wealthy Asians placing an emphasis on high end clothes in Singapore’s elite circles. The girl’s go to an island bachelorette party dressed in high end clothes, there is an emerald engagement ring and a female hides her clothing purchases from her husband. Money and la mode are seen throughout the movie. At a party, where the main character’s fiancee emerges, she is dressed to the nines. In “A Simple Favor”, Blake Lively’s character, Emily, is a high fashion public relations executive dressed in male suits as well as Christian Louboutin heels and boots. Anna Kendrick dresses like a more subdued mommy vlogger, but is still stylish. The plot twists align with their drinking martinis with a twist of a lemon peel. The design and music on these sets; include French pop music, luxury scenes of Singapore and interior decor that could jump out of the pages of “Architectural Digest” or the latest Pinterest picture. Another movie featuring fashion, “Ocean’s 8”, is about 8 females who steal a Cartier necklace at The Met Gala. A replica and video about the necklace was on display in the Cartier Fifth Avenue window to promote the movie. The original, belonged to the Maharajah of India. The movie uses a replica because the original jewelry was never recovered. The movies reflect style, design and the signs of a culture or era, a powerful message to movie goers who either admire or try to see culture and its’ symbolism.






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